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12/26/20 Bucs @ Lions Game Day Thread

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Imagine living in Detroit and you come home every day from making car parts and chopping off a few fingers to watch your team do this

those lions fans have to be paid actors

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8 minutes ago, ajs723 said:

Can't imagine we see Brady in the 2and half. 

I’m pretty sure they’ll play in the 3rd.


F FF man. I’m in my last place game with Swift. This season I lost Dak, Ekeler, and Michael Thomas in PPR. Detroit would be a disaster the week I roll with Swift. I have more points forced this year than the 1st place 11-3 team. Good times.

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1 minute ago, Tryptamine said:

Thought i saw 2, but apparently that was the Bucs.

Nah they called at least 1 on the first play to stop the clock at 41 seconds. Not sure when the second one was used, but when MJJ caught his pass they didnt have any left. 

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25 minutes ago, CooL said:

Dude has been overrated his entire career. If it looks like a duck, it’s a duck. Without Calvin Johnson, this guy would be Mark Sanchez.

Over/under on how many more three and outs Chase Daniels will have?

Dude carried the lions to 9-7 a couple years ago with no Calvin Johnson and led the league in 4th quarter comebacks.

Your analysis on Stafford is plain stupid

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Put Staff on a real franchise and he’ll get his due.

There are people who still think Rivers sucks, and that’s because he played for the chargers, whether they know it or not.

Similar thing with Matt Ryan

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8 minutes ago, crotchcrickets said:

putting all my fantasy hopes in jalen hurts to match brady's production for a 2nd week in a row.


im completely dead inside

They might bench Brady early or he'll stop throwing at 41-0 which won't bode well for his ceiling. Brady would have even more points, or a shot at 50 Fan Points if it was a closer game. 

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1 minute ago, TroutFister said:

i'd laugh if any of the skilled players get hurt as they attempt to run up the score,

Would think at most they play the whole third, but probably only half of it if the score stays the same. They need to win in order to be in the playoffs so as long as they perceive its over(which it already is) they'll sit. 

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