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12/26/20 49ers @ Cards Game Day Thread

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Not Coleman.

How could he possibly know anything? lmao

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Just now, crotchcrickets said:

at this point we should be baking in an early exit for wilson.


thanks for the 14 points (standard), see ya next year.

Shouldn’t be baking in anything. There’s zero indication of anything.

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Just now, nmartinez12443 said:

He got up and was helped out....not knocked out. 

If you look at the replay he went limp and didn’t move at all for a second or so.

At this point who knows or cares? We will find out at the start of the second half either way. Don’t know if he will come out for like 30 seconds.

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4 minutes ago, FavreCo said:

🤣 The midget looks like a penguin when he runs because the ball is as big as he is. He has to use his other arm like a counter weight or he would tip over.

You're calling Wilson a "shrimpy RB" at 6' 215 and mocking Murray's height, are you 6'6 250 or something?

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