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Should I Look at Punting FG%/TO?


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Based off the (very) early results of this season, but also with how my keepers performed last year and overall team build, should I look at punting? I feel like I'm giving FG% and TO to teams every week anyway. My question for you, is how do you go about punting? I've never personally done it before, I don't play enough fantasy basketball this is my one league a year. What guys would you move and who would you be looking to get in return? This is my team

H2H Categories (14 Teams):



PG R. Westbrook (K)
SG L. Doncic (K)
G J. Wall
SF W. Barton
PF J. Tatum (K)
F M. Bagley
C K. Towns (K)
C D. Ayton (K)
BE D. Brooks, Se. Curry, A. Burks, K. Johnson, M. Plumlee, A. Baynes, E. Gordon, K. Kuzma, Hachimura (IR)


Appreciate any help, thanks!

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Yeah, your team has a bunch of players who drain FG%.  Punting TOs is both hard and simple - you mostly need to grab high usage players who have the ball in their hands.  In fact, most owners just punt TO without thinking about it since high-usage players are often more valuable in fantasy anyway.  And lastly, TOs as a cat are notoriously inconsistent.  Right now, Luka has 4 TOs over 2 games, though he averaged over that amount per game last year, while T Ross has 5 TOs over 2 games, though he averaged only 1 per game last year.  Just an analogy (over a tiny, tiny sample size during this young season) to show that even the most TO adverse players can cough it up and the most TO prone players can be careful with the ball.

As for FG%, I personally would pivot and try for a punt FT% instead.  Plumlee, Luka, Wall, Bagley, and Westy aren't great at that cat. I'd target a Drummond or Simmons though I have no idea how you'd create a trade with your current players.

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