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Tyreek Hill, what are we doing with him? WHIR

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I have him in 3 leagues in championship matchups. Sources say he will play but I am concerned he doesn't play much as the Chiefs probably don't want to risk making his hamstring worse before the playoffs.

In league 1 (.3 PPR) I have Diggs on the bench but has a tough matchup on the road vs NE's secondary. Hill or Diggs?


In league 2 (.5 PPR) my options are limited to Hilton @ PIT or Samuel @ WAS or Gage @ KC so I'm leaning towards leaving Hill in here, thoughts?


In League 3 (.5 PPR) my options are Cooper vs PHI, Beasley @ NE, or Higgins (Boyd out) @ HOU, thoughts?


Thanks and leave link for help!

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1 minute ago, peacja said:

League 1 - start Hill and Diggs if you can. Start your STUD(s)

league 2 -Start Hill no matter. Can you start Gage as Flex or else?

league 3 - Beasley and Higgins

League 1 I already had Hopkins at WR1 and AJ Brown at RB/WR slot (No flex)

League 2 I had Aiyuk at my RB/WR slot (Ouch)


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