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12/27 Colts vs Steelers Game Day Thread

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Why ? Hasn’t he been spectacular lately 

stillers defense has been so bad for fantasy lately.

JT is such a monster! One of the best fantasy trades I've ever made

2 minutes ago, USWAY said:

I think it depends on Mack too. Not that I think the talent is in the same stratosphere, just don't trust Reich.


Rookie RB's are always shaky and usually have a rough October.  He'll have another offseason to work with the offense coming into his second year, and he's a pure workhorse with Hines being a great complementary satellite back.  Mack has proven he can't be a workhorse and stay healthy.  He's easily the odd man out.

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I'd be stunned if they re-signed Mack. They traded up to get JT and he'll be cheaper, so my assumption is that they never planned on having Mack beyond this year. The way JT has come along this year, they'd be better off spending elsewhere.

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Just now, Gohawks said:

Big Ben may genuinely be the worst starting QB in the entire league. How the Steelers won so many games is a miracle. 

They won 8 games last year with mason rudolph lol

pitt will always find a way to win at least 8 games per year no matter the roster

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21 minutes ago, yossarian said:

I guess Claypool has been hanging out with Johnson. Drops an easy 5 yard TD on 3rd down. Steelers go for it on 4th and incomplete. Great job all around. 

Jokes on me... gd mapletron more like mapletree... gd branch hands...

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3 minutes ago, USWAY said:

The way Reich abandoned the run game in the second half up two scores was amazing to watch.


I've seen stick to the run game too deep into a game.  I don't think I've seen a team abandon it while being up big, running well, and are a run first team.

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