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2020 Championship Rosters

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Aaron Rodgers

Davante Adams (traded for)

Claypool (ejected his a** last week), Emmanuel Sanders

Nick Chubb (traded for)

Josh Jacobs

Darren Waller

D'Andre Swift

Younghoe Koo

Streamed D/ST

WR2 was my weak point all year, I could never get it figured out.

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This team has won the title in a 12-team PPR Superflex redraft league: Week 16 lineup: QBs Mahomes & Hurts RBs Taylor & Hunt WRs Diggs & Ridley & Godwin (flex) TE Goede

This was the moment that I knew I won the championship  

After losing the final last year because of Theilen's goosegg, I made it back after a 12-1 season and averaging 150 per game. I steamrolled my finals opponent by 50! 12 team PPR Watson, Digg

Posted Images

Looks like Adams and Kelce are the 2 top contenders for 2020 fantasy MVP

Edit: surprised not to see more Waller here, considering his opportunity cost (6th-7th round vs 1st-2nd round for Kelce or Adams).  My opponent in the finals had him.

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Just now, hezagenius said:

This is my lineup.  Going into MNF, I have a 36 pt lead with Allen against Diggs.  I'm looking good I think.

Josh Allen

Myles Gaskin

Leveon Bell

D Adams

DJ Moore



Succor (sucks!)


Injury or Covid for Allen is the only way you can lose. *Knock on Wood*

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12-team, 17-man rosters, half PPR for RB/WR and full PPR for TE. 

QB...RWilson, MTrubisky

RB...Kamara, CMC (via trade), Robinson, Gibson, MDavis, LMurray, DHarris

WR...Diontae, Chark, Boyd, Shepard, Julio

TE...Kelce, Andrews


Keepers entering the year were Kamara, Andrews, and Mixon. 

Despite all my consternation, I’m going to win unless Diggs manages 73.5 points for my opponent tomorrow night. 

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Week 16:


Kamara, JWilson, AJones

Ridley, Beasley, Aiyuk





Bench: RJones, LMurray, Andrews, Dolphins, JWilliams (dropped this morning for Zack Moss just in case), Goedert (dropped this morning for Folk just in case)


Mixon in IR for most of the year. Glad playing Hockenson over Andrews didn’t matter thanks to some luck with Kamara massive game and untimely down games and unfortunate injuries from opponent’s players.

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I drafted CEH, Connor, Mosthurt, but picked up Flames Rb1son before the season. Lost Scary Terry this week. But went into it this week with











Thanks to all 

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Winning 171.54 to 88.90


Aaron Rodgers

DK Metcalf

Brandin Cooks

Alvin Kamara

Aaron Jones

Russell Gage

Austin Hooper

Ka’imi Fairbairn


I also had Keenan Allen and Michael Thomas on IR this week. I traded Hopkins and Chark for DK and Thomas after week 2. I thought I was gonna wreck everyone in the playoffs with my three WR1s, but I only got like 23 points from them in two rounds played. Still the champ. 

I survived Mahomes/Kelce/Monty in the semis despite starting Keenan Allen. Thank you Hunter Henry and Blankenship!

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Good year ladies and gents, and thank you RW for your timely insight, advice, and assurance. It feels good to have a relatively injury-free team for once and to see players perform well for a 16 week stretch. My only management mistake was waiting too long to take a QB (Wentz) but who knew he would have such a down year..... in any case it led to me taking Hurts and having a wonderful last 2 weeks. Just unbelievable performances. I am a 17-year fantasy veteran but this was only my third fantasy football team in 2 years and I am now 2 for 3 in 'ships won 🤣. Thank you once again RW!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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Auction IDP PPR league.  James Robinson picked up off of waivers before Week 1, on my IR spot for this week but he helped carry the team all year.

I went up against Kamara in the Championship and will most likely come out with the W thanks to Davante having one of his days.  




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I'm probably jinxing myself but I only need 2.22 points from Bills to win (League is score-up from 0 DST).  Got a little lucky with Landry going on Covid list for opponent.  He also had Henry and Brown in the snow game plus Rivers and Koo struggling


Trailing 72.04 to 74.25 with Bills DST left on both sides

Russell Wilson Sea - QB
Tyreek Hill KC - WR
Sammy Watkins KC - WR
J.D. McKissic Was - RB
Dare Ogunbowale Jax - RB (Week 16 addition)
Travis Kelce KC - TE
Robert Tonyan GB - W/T - Pickup of the year in week 3 or so
Joey Slye Car - K - I streamed kickers all year but had this guy the last few weeks
Buffalo Buf - DST - I streamed DST all year but had Bills the last few weeks

Jalen Guyton LAC - WR (Week 16 addition)
Tyron Johnson LAC - WR (Week 15 addition but he didn't start)
Damien Harris NE - RB
Jakobi Meyers NE - WR  (Week 16 addition) - Should have started him over Watkins

Ronald Jones II TB - RB
Raheem Mostert SF - RB

Notable Recent Drops
Emmanuel Sanders NO - WR - Dropped for RB depth before right before he became #1 WR doh
Gus Edwards BAL - RB - Probably should have held onto him also



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This team has won the title in a 12-team PPR Superflex redraft league:

Week 16 lineup:

QBs Mahomes & Hurts
RBs Taylor & Hunt
WRs Diggs & Ridley & Godwin (flex)
TE Goedert
DST Arizona

Bench includes:
Gaskin (!!!)
Alshon (Alshon wins a title!)

Some notable events during the season: My second round pick was Mixon; my third rounder was Dak Prescott.  I also drafted Will Fuller and used Taysom Hill as my 2nd QB during his run as the starter (one week at TE, too).  Through five weeks (the week in which Dak got hurt), I was undefeated and beating everyone by like 50.  It was insane.  Then I lost six in a row as I was using Drew Lock as my second QB, Taylor was struggling, etc.  

Fortunately, this league gives the top point scorer the wild card slot.  Even as I took on a slew of improbable losses, I was scoring tons of points.  This 12-team league has three divisions; playoff teams are the division winners and the remaining top scorer.  I finished 7-7 but was that top scoring team.  Last week, I beat the #1 seed 174 to 123 thanks to an avalanche of points from Hurts, Ridley, and Diggs.  In the final, I was sick with grief for benching Gaskin at the last minute for Hunt but I'm going to get away with that error.  Nobody on my team really balled out this week but everyone did pretty well.  Nobody let down the side.  

I have been in this league for nine years, and have been in the playoffs a ton.  One year I lost by 0.8 when Brees under threw Ben Watson on the last play of a game which would have won me the title.  I had never grabbed the crown in this league before.  But, finally, the moment is mine.



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14 Team Standard League - We have a salary cap of $200 that is manually managed and includes rookie drafts etc.

QB - Rodgers, Herbert

RB - CMC, Ronald Jones, Gaskin, David Johnson, Mike Davis, Duke Johnson

WR - Ridley, Metcalf, McLaurin, Fuller, AB, Coutee, Jeudy

TE - Logan Thomas

DEF - Ravens

K - Tyler Bass


Needless to say, the rookie draft last year of McLaurin and Metcalf put my team in position for this season. Traded for Gaskin, Fuller, and David Johnson for people seeking rookie picks and went all in.

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Won it in our 4 teamer lol (our first year playing, couldn't get enough friends signed up), but I was still the underdog in the final with this lineup:


QB: Rodgers/Brady (Dak replacements) 

WR: Tyreek Hill, Calvin Ridley, DK Metcalf, Keenan Allen, Adam Thielen

RB: Alvin Kamara, Derrick Henry, Austin Ekeler, James Robinson

TE: Mark Andrews, TJ Hockensen

K: Younghoe Koo

D/ST: Streamers


Losers have to pay for my superbowl lunch 😃

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6 hours ago, Rozr1 said:

Yep and to think I was upset I got him on the 2nd rd on draft day. I wasn't taking any te til after 6th rd on mocks  and generally ended up getting Henry on most of them. Biggest advantage in all off fantasy. 

I admit I felt the same way In my 14 teamer. I grabbed him in the second round after grabbing Kamara in the first. I was on the fence between Kelce and Adams. I didn’t want to be without a top flight WR1 but figured that having the top TE would be a pretty good advantage. Turns out neither was a bad decision. I was able to grab AJ Brown in the 4th so I still had a respectable WR1 all season. Helps that I was able to grab Justin Jefferson the week after he blew up. The advantage Kelce served was better than imagined. Not only did I lead the league in points and grab the first seed but also dominated the playoffs and ended the season with the highest point total for any team in any week. 

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12 team, standardish with 1 point per first down and bonus yardage points:

QB: Patrick Mahomes

WR: Stefon Diggs, Nelson Agholor, Tyron Johnson

RB: David Montgomery, David Johnson

Flex: Wayne Gallman

TE: Robert Tonyan

K: Justin Tucker

D/ST: Kansas City

Bench: Mike Williams, Sammy Watkins, Chase Edmonds, Evan Engram, Ronald Jones, Ito Smith, Rashard Higgins


Notable Drops: George Kittle, JK Dobbins, Kenny Golladay, Deebo Samuel


MVP: David Montgomery





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Qb: Allen

Rb: CMC/ Davis

Rb: Sanders

Wr: Adams

Wr: Ridley

Wr: Thielen

TE: Kelce

flex: Carson

dst: stream

k: Koo

10 team. Hit on every draft pick and made a bunch of trades. Cmc and allen, and kelce are the only guys I drafted. Drafted allen, diggs (6th), Fuller (7th) Gibson, higgins, and lamb all late and managed to flip them at peak/ close to peak value. 

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3rd Championship after a 14 year drought in our 29 year league (preinternet, I mailed out weekly updates lol).  12 team standard

QB Mahomes (drafted Wilson, traded him in week 10 with J. Robinson who I drafted, for Mahomes and R. Jones.  Beat that owner in championship)

RB Henry, Sanders, Wilson Jr

WR Dionte Johnson, A. Robinson  (Injury kept Keenan on my bench)

TE Andrews

K Lutz

D Pittsburgh

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12 men 0.5 PPR ESPN league

Week 16 Starters:

QB Hurts

RB1 Kamara (MVP)

RB2 Dobbins

WR1 Ridley

WR2 Woods

TE Kelce (3rd round steal)

Flex Conner (2nd round reach smh lol)

DST Panthers

K Succop 🗑




Curtis Samuels


Watson (traded Chark, Moss, and Goff for him back in week 10)


Rams defense



I dropped Reagor for Dak (who I originally drafted in the 7th round) since I felt he deserved to be on my championship roster because he helped me to a 5-0 start. Lol

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