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12/27 Eagles @ Cowboys Gameday Thread

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2 minutes ago, fruitjacket said:

They're getting killed.  Sanders isn't going to touch the ball unless it's a pass.


Sanders has been wide open a good half dozen times today, I mean wiiide open for the dump off! Hurts is very selfish and has run it or not even looked @ him every time. Seems like he loves his stats more than winning? Playground BS.

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I have a feeling Hurts will be getting his today 

35 yds from Dalton to Cooper is a good start, lol

desean jackson....quit being a ******** dipshit and get into the endzone.   jesus christ.   i stacked hurts/jackson btw

Just now, Brettg57 said:

How in the hell does that equate a fumble??!!!??!! They reviewed it and did they not see his knee down!!??

Too much of this “if the call is called a certain way you need irrefutable evidence” BS

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That looked like a fumble to me. The announcers making it seem like a slam dunk non fumble made you guys think it was a bad call

the ball started to move before the knee came down

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