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What hurts worse is I actually grabbed dillon but really, without biffs almanac how the f do you just toss him in there?   I play every year, ill never stop but my God I just think fantasy f

Jones and Henry having their own little side competition. ”Who can lose more fantasy championships?”

OMG. I held on! Championship! Woot. Terrifying game (going against Adams).  .... Exhales.

1 minute ago, Brettg57 said:

How do the Titans/Tannehill not just force throws to AJB? 

This is why I stayed away from AJ this year. Even though he ended up having a huge season, my reasoning was sound. His volume is paltry. 

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4 minutes ago, cheezor42 said:

They’ve had a ton of comebacks this year...

I'm not saying the Titans can't come back. Their offense is hella explosive, of course they can. I'm saying they will never utilize the normal comeback/4 minute/2-minute offense you see around the league where they abandon the run to preserve clock. Henry and the run game will always be involved no matter what the score is, and due to that the clock will bleed a little more than you want in those comeback situations. Almost all NFL teams would have abandoned the run by now and gone extremely pass heavy to give them a chance to come back. Not the TItans

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