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Title Week: What Do You Need on SNF/MNF

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23 hours ago, BrianM said:

17 point something from Henry and the Bills defense (PPR)

32 from Josh Allen, and I'll actually knock off Team Kamara

I'm up 100 in another, he's got Rodgers, Adams, AJ Brown, and James White.  I have Henry.  PPR.  


Now it is

7 points from Bills defense

Still 32 from Josh Allen

James White under 29. 

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22 hours ago, GoPackGo23 said:

Thought I had a zero percent chance of coming back, but thanks to Adams I now have a very small glimmer of hope...I need 35 from Diggs and Bills D in half PPR. Still unlikely but you never know!

Lol I can't believe I pulled that off...was down 80 points with only Adams, Diggs, and Bills D left...won by 5. Only thing that sucked was it was in the third place game since Adams didn't show up last week and I got bounced in the semis. At least a little bit of money is better than going home empty handed!

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