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NFL playoffs fantasy ideas?

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last year, we picked one player from each team (only 1 player from each NFL team on your roster) in the playoffs. (everyone avail to everyone).  Had to have 2Qb, 4Rbs, 4 Wrs, 2 kick. Now with the expanded playoffs, maybe we add two tight ends. Play thru the Super bowl. Highest scoring team wins. Was 10 bucks to get in.  

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22 hours ago, cincythunder said:

Our league wanna do somehting with the NFL playoffs fantasy challenge, how do you guys run it? We assume we will be using NFL's platform. Any other suggestions? How will it work if there is no head to head? Winner based on highest total of points throughout the pkayoffs? 

Run a playoff where you can use a player only 1 time during entire playoffs.

PPR. Qb, 2rb, 2wr, flex, te, def, k.

Example: if you use Rodgers week 2 & Mahomes week 3, & both QB's make the SB, then you are in a tough spot & have to hope a back up gets in. But it's fun trying to think of different strategies. Some will use only NFC QB's for WC, Div Rd, & Conf Champ, then have the AFC QB for the SB, or vice versa. 

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