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Julius Randle 2020-2021 Outlook


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Can't believe there's no thread for my Week 1 MVP yet (unless I just couldn't find it?).


He was quietly extremely productive last season, had a great preseason this year, and I knew I got I steal when I got him this year.  He's turning into a triple double threat each night, it's lit

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High TO, no stocks, pretty bad FT% on its given volume, just okay-ish FG% (shooting better than we can expect him to these first couple of games). He's great in the popcorn stats department, and definitely rosterable in all leagues but I don't think he's criminally undervalued whatsoever. He hurts you as much as he's helping you.

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I tip my cat to JR. He’s playing well and within himself. More team oriented this year where last year it felt like he overextended himself and tried to do more than he was capable of. 
Knicks fans wanted him gone and Obi starting but that chatter has died down now. 

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3 minutes ago, DezedandConfused said:

It's the unknown rule to have the alpha dog on the team to shoot FTs. Also, that's just this game RJ is the worse FT shooter.

Naw shouldn't matter you go with who's hot. Just shows Randle lacks leadership and only cares for himself. Need to move him and run the youth 

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1 hour ago, Dirty Little Birdie said:

This dude is on fire this year. He's the #14 ranked player in my points league. Is anyone selling high here or do we believe he can keep this pace up all season?

I've been watching him because he's basically been my MVP so far, and he looks great in real life too.  Def see Thibs riding him as long as he's healthy.

I wouldn't trade him unless I was getting a top 25 player back in return AT LEAST

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