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Look, I know that he is considered the best analyst out there, everyone loves him, etc, but I've heard him do a few games this year and he's taken a gigantic step back IMO.  I don't know if it's the contract that he signed and he's mailing it in but he says things that someone being paid what he's being paid shouldn't say.  For example, during the game yesterday he didn't know how many scores down the Steelers would be after the Colts kicked a FG.  Nantz had to tell him.  Then they were showing the schedule for next week and Nantz said he thought they'd be in Buffalo.  Romo asked who they're playing.  Dude, you're making $17 million a year, do your homework.  There was another game this year when he didn't know where the red zone started.  I wasn't sure if he was trying to make a point.  But I feel like when I watch him, aside from telling everyone what the next play is, he's taken a huge step back.  


And did anyone hear him sucking off on Tom Brady during the Chiefs-Bucs game a few weeks ago?  My goodness.  It was everyone's fault but Brady's.

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