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Should I do this trade? PG & Ayton

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Hey guys!

I was wondering if ya'll think i should do this trade? 
I'm in a 9 cat auction league. Salary league with a keeper tax of $10 per year 

I'm trying to build around Zion, and my team isn't elite in 3s but zions FT attempts are trashing all the upside in FT% for my whole team that i'm wondering if i should just build around him. 

I've got this offer:

Trade away: Paul George -$40

Receive: Deandre Ayton - $41

I think I got PG pretty low due to his performance last year in the bubble plus his general accumulation of health problems in the past. But he's so elite if healthy.. 
Do i go with deandre ayton with the hopes that he figures out how to get a second gear/up his motor? It's his inconsistency's in terms of motor that make me pause when i watch him play because there are so many players who have been freak athletes but just doesn't seem to ever have the "dog" mentality to them. But when he's on, it's scary good. 


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Nah, not alone. If the other owner throws in another mid round guy, depending on who it is, I would consider it. But not 1 for 1. May I ask why you are trying to build around Zion? I won't tell you what to do obviously, but I'm not the biggest Zion believer yet. Fantasy wise at least.

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