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Isaiah Roby 2020-2021 Outlook

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3 hours ago, mtx said:

How is he not the starter already? He's productive with only 24 mins a night, imagine 32 mins?? OKC still insisting on playing Horford?

They need spacing with Shai's drive and kick style and Horford and Muscala are much better shooters than him. And since Horford came back from his child's birth he's been playing like a borderline all star. Roby is really just a lotto ticket to hold on to in the event of a Horford trade.

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3 hours ago, ShopHeirlooms said:

His days might be numbered with Moses Brown in town. Poku getting 30+ too. 

It hasn’t even begun yet but the engine is reving. He’s a long play. 

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Every talented player on this joke organziation should ask out this offseason disgusting what they are doing to these kid's development. This kid is their best big by a mile and didnt even get 20 min when he was balling out fcuk you okc, presti and that child you hired as coach

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