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4 hours ago, rob0403 said:

I mean you can try not to punt anything... but in my experience, similar to a lot of people here, you probably end up losing.

TO is the best thing to punt because all your superstars will have the highest usage and therefore TO. And when I say punt, I mean putting it on lowest priority.  You can sometimes top another punt TO team in TO.

Also depends on your other punts in regards to punting TOs. If I punt points and assists for instance, I better be doing well in TOs.

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This man is looking around at his teammates wondering if he ever left the G-League.

"When you add the math"   I think you meant "When you add the meth" after looking at this trade. 

Damn that’s a great trade for your opponent.   Fantasy theft is not a joke, Jim!

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For those in 9 cat leagues, being dominant in 3 cats and average in 2 will result in frequent 5-4 wins. That's all you need to reach playoffs and win the league. Some logic in 8 cats.

In roto, if your team is last in a punt category, you better be near the top on the rest of the categories to offset the differential in order to finish first.

Never played points league so not sure there.

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