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NEW FREE ESPN Keeper League Starting Up And Looking For Members

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In advance of the new (and regionally abbreviated) 2021 NHL season, I'm attempting to launch a brand-new (and FREE) 10-team ESPN keeper league. It's a league where all teams must be named after a present-day (or former) NHL team name (for league purposes). Draft date is currently set for Saturday, January 9th. Included in this message is a link to the league's settings page. If you're interested, leave me your email address and what team name you want (team/franchise to represent) from among those not already in use. I have leagues of this type in baseball, football, and basketball (the PlayChoice-10 series). I hope to also launch one for hockey too.




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1 hour ago, JTR22 said:

lighthousesoftheus@yahoo.com I am interested 

I'd love to invite you to the league but I need an NHL team name from you (for league purposes) before I can send one out

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2 hours ago, JD360Power said:

You don't seem familiar with the concept of keeper leagues. There are no restrictions on how long players can be kept here.

“For example, a league might have rules that simply state “All teams can keep up to five players, but no player can be kept for more than four seasons in a row.” Team tenure is a concept that increases cost the longer a certain player is on the team.”

I think what you meant to say rather than insult my intelligence was “this is how my league works”.  

What I wanted to know was how many keepers? If you keep a first rounder do you lose a first round pick? Or is it just you keep a certain amount of players with no restrictions? Thank you.


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