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Free Yahoo 2 franchise dynasty league forming

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Never can seem to find league ideas I like, so I keep making my own leagues:)...or is that:(

Anyhow, in talks in another league, I came up with this idea. If it was assembled quickly, we could get it together for the season's start I am sure. Maybe just the shortish slow live draft may run into season start....but vast majority of teams would already be assembled.

Anyhow here is my thought:

2 franchises and keeping 13 players from each team....I think Yahoo limits roster size to 28, so that would leave a 2 round draft from the unowned franchses.

Figure 12 to 14 teams....hopefully 14.

Would create random order for franchise draft. This would snake....so team that picks first franchise picks last franchise, and so on.

Best of all, 10 man farm teams, and you get to keep each team's draft picks each year.

We would have few open teams, so that simplifies the drafts each year.

We would limit goalies protected each year.....thinking 2, then a 2 round goalie draft.

Anyhow, would have to get this together quickly,


Email at billybgame@sbcglobal.net if interested.

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