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Jacob deGrom 2021 Outlook

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The second doctor showing the Mets doctor how to read an MRI

My #1 pitcher going into 2019   My #1 pitcher going into 2020   My #1 pitching going into 2021    

June 17, 2021 DeGrom is scheduled to undergo an MRI on his sore right shoulder Thursday, but he said after exiting his start in Wednesday's 6-3 win over the Cubs that he's "confident that this is

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31 minutes ago, sasnumberonefan said:

Brutal. See you in the second half, at the absolute earliest. 

... 2021 is at risk.

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11 minutes ago, BobaFett said:

Trying to understand something here.  Flexor Tendonitis doesn’t have to do with the elbow but more so with fingers, right?

The flexor extends from elbow to forearm to the hand to the fingers.  So it’s all connected 

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So DeGrom feels flexor tightness in the middle of the week, the Mets decide to let him pitch for some insane reason, he aggravates it in the 6th so much his velocity is down and he has to be taken out 

Now his flexor is even more aggravated (tendinitis is no joke even if mild), and the Mets are going to let him do his next start with no missed time.  Risking a flexor strain which often leads to TJ surgery.  And no, the fact that his tendinitis is in his hand does not mean anything; the flexor extends from the elbow to the hand so if his hand is hurting that’s still really bad news.

Incompetence, incompetence as far as the eye can see 

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7 hours ago, Doctor Who's On First said:


6 hours ago, BobaFett said:

Trying to understand something here.  Flexor Tendonitis doesn’t have to do with the elbow but more so with fingers, right?

Yeah according to the link above it is also called "trigger finger" and apparently "trigger finger commonly affects farmers, musicians and industrial workers."  In other words deGrom is a musically-inclined, blue-collar farmer when not pitching.

But yeah they also say:


It is swelling of the tendon(s) that bends the fingers. Flexor tendinitis is also called Trigger Finger. The flexor tendons are smooth, thick ropes that allow the finger to bend and straighten. There are no muscles in the fingers. Instead, the tendons connect the muscles of the forearm to the finger bones and the muscles pull on the tendons to bend the fingers. It commonly affects the thumb and ring finger, but can affect other fingers.

Honestly I never knew my fingers contained no muscles at all.  And here I was making them do push-ups for nothing.  This site is so totally educational.

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1 hour ago, 89Topps said:

deGrom: “I’m not concerned.”

 Mets doctors: “This guy here, is dead.” probably.

I half-expected one of their medics to shoot him with a blowgun dart midway through his presser: “You know, honestly, I think I’m gonna be - SHHTHUNK - uhhh......”

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I own him in a league.  He's absolutely awesome.  I want him to pitch every 5 days, but they'd be completely crazy to start him on his regular turn.  Even if he throws a bullpen and has no issues, I'd skip a start just to give him a little time to rest.  It's the Mets tho, so expect what's medically imprudent.

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12 minutes ago, CuredMeats said:

I’m hopeful that the end the Wilpon era means the end of injury clownishness. 

Just because the meats are cured, doesn’t mean the Mets are cured

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