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As Close as it comes to becoming an NHL GM
Currently in our 2nd Season
No Point In Beating Around The Bush This Is A Cash League 55$ USD

31 Teams
50 Contracts/90 Players
Salary Cap | FanTrax
All Categories
Sign Free Agents through a 24 hour bidding system
Draft  before the NHL Drafts
Seattle Expansion Draft
CBA:  NOTE: This seems like alot but it really isn't. We have a great
community of GM's that is willing to help

Welcome to NHL Sim Dynasty. This is a 32 team Dynasty League where each GM will own a team and control the daily aspects of your team. The league will start in 2019-20 with real-life contracts and players. Over time, each team will become the owner's own as they draft rookies, release players, sign free agents, and make trades.
If there is anything you think we can do to improve this experience, please post in the Problems, Concerns, or Suggestions.
We expect every owner to uphold a high sense of integrity and sportsmanship when dealing with other owners and ANY collusion of ANY kind will not be tolerated. You must consistently answer PMs from other owners. The Rules Committee is available at any time to answer questions, clarify something, or handle a situation if need be. Do not hesitate to go to any of them with any concerns you may have.

General Rules:

1 team per GM/Owner only. If anyone is found to be running multiple teams, they will be removed from the league immediately. 

Asset lock date: JULY 15, 2019 - Draft Picks Will Be Reset

1.    Rosters
        a. Original asset lock date was July 15, 2019
        b. Rosters consist of up to 18 active skaters, 2 active goalies, 3 bench positions, and a minor league system
                i. The 3 bench spots do not all have to be used
                ii. You must dress at least 15 active skaters every week
        c. Dressed Players
                i.     You must dress 3-5 Centers
                ii.     You must dress 6-9 Wingers
                iii.    You must dress 6-7 Defenseman
                iv.    You must dress 1-2 Goaltenders
                      1.  If you choose to only dress 1 Goaltender, the extra active roster spot stays empty, you cannot dress an extra skater in that position
                v.    There is a 15 skater and 1 goalie minimum for each matchup. Anything below this is considered tanking and will not be allowed.
       d. Player Limits
            i. You may have up to 90 total players on your team at any time
            ii. You may have up to 50 players with contracts at any time
            iii. The contract slide is for players with contracts under the age of 20
                1. Players must be born on or after October 1, 1999 to be eligible for the slide
                2. These players count towards your limit of 90 total players, but do not count towards your limit of 50 contracts
                3. Any player that you use a slide on may not be taken off the slide until the following offseason
                4. Any player slid that plays in his 10th NHL game in a single season is automatically taken off the slide and the contract counts towards your limit 50 contracts
                5. Should the team whose player comes off slide already have 50 contracts, the GM has until the next roster lock to drop 1 contract to open one contract slot in their lineup to                 stay under the limit. Suggested approaches could include: terminate an existing contract without penalty if it is an entry level or two-way contract; buy-out an existing contract with penalty; make a                 trade; lose a player on waivers (where possible) These changes are only required if a team is at 50 contracts at the time the contract comes off slide.
                iv.    You may exceed player and contract limits during the offseason but must be legal at all roster lock times
                v.    In the event a player signs an NHL contract after the NHLDL trade deadline, a team may make 1 free cut if they are at the 50 contract limit
                vi.    All teams must stay roster and cap compliant through the completion of the NHLDL Championship matchup, including non-playoff or eliminated teams
        e. There are no dual eligible players, every player can only be listed at 1 position
                i.For forwards, this is determined via how many faceoffs a player has taken divided by total time on ice in a given time period:
                        1. Formula = FOT/TOI
                        2. Any player who has a ratio of .40 or more is considered a C in the NHLDL
                        3. There will be 3 positional review periods throughout the season
                                a. First Review
                                            i.     End of Week 5
                                            ii.    Date: November 3rd, 2019
                                            iii.    10 GP minimum to qualify for review
                                            iv.    Changes take effect at roster lock for Week 7 (one week later)
                                b. Second Review
                                            i.    End of Week 10
                                            ii.    Date: December 8th, 2019
                                            iii.    15 GP minimum to qualify for review
                                            iv.    Changes take effect at roster lock for Week 12 (one week later)
                                c. Third Review
                                            i.    End of Week 15
                                            ii.    Date: January 12th, 2020
                                            iii.    15 GP minimum to qualify for review
                                            iv.    Changes take effect at roster lock for Week 17 (one week later)
                        4. Players not meeting the GP benchmarks in the current season will start at their primary listed position on their player page on www.nhl.com
                        5. Players switching between defense and forward will be reviewed at the players 15 GP mark regardless of when that occurs.
                        6. Offseason changes will be made to players with at least 15 GP in the previous season
                                a. Players under this mark follow their www.nhl.com player page position
                ii. Roster Submissions
                        1. Each week all teams must submit their rosters on the forum in the designated thread
                        2. Teams should list their roster, cap numbers, and any changes from the previous week
                                a. You may simply state “No changes” if there are no lineup changes or players moved
                        3. Failing to do so will put the team into a penalty system:
                                a. Miss 1 - Nothing
                                b. Miss 2 - Warning
                                c. Miss 3 - Final warning
                                d. Miss 4 - Loss of 5th round draft pick (current year)
                                e. Miss 5 - Loss of 4th round draft pick (current year)
                                f. Miss 6 - Loss of 3rd round draft pick (current year)
        f. Injured Reserve
                i. Players are eligible for LTIR if a valid news link is provided which shows that such player was put on IR by his real NHL team. Once posted in the LTIR forum you can move him to LTIR on your sheet and make appropriate call-ups. Players on LTIR have their cap hit taken off your cap while on LTIR. Once they come off LTIR in real life, you must take them off as well at which point any players you called up to replace him are under standard waiver rules.

2. Salary Cap
        a. We will mirror the NHL salary cap and NHL salary floor at all times.
                i. 2019/2020 Salary Cap: $81,500,000
                ii. 2019/2020 Salary Floor: $60,200,000
        b. You may go over the cap and below the floor during the offseason but must be compliant at roster submission for the season and you may not be non-compliant at anytime during the season
        c. Penalty System for going over/under the cap:
                i. For going over the cap:
                        1. If after roster lock in a given matchup a team is over the cap, their team is effectively disqualified and they lose all matchups that week. That's a first infraction.
                        2. For each additional week of non-cap-compliance during the same season, on top of being disqualified for that week, the team is docked $1mil in cap space for the remainder of the season.
                        3. If any single GM allows his team to be non-cap-compliant for five or more weeks in a season, the GM is removed from the league.
                ii. For going under the cap floor:
                        1. If after roster lock in a given matchup a team is under the cap, the GM is given a warning.
                                a. Their team is NOT disqualified for that week.
                        2. For each additional week of non-cap-compliance during the same season, the team will be assigned a two-spot-drop draft penalty, where all draft picks owned by that GM at the draft drop two spots post-lottery.
                        3.If any single GM allows his team to be non-cap-compliant for five or more weeks in a season, the GM is removed from the league.

3. Player Salaries
        a. Player contracts will always mirror their NHL counterpart for ELC's and a player's second real life contract. This means that if your player receives an extension at a higher cap hit, your player now owns a higher cap hit as well.
        b. We use the players AAV to determine their cap hit. This number includes bonuses.
                i. Salary information can be found at www.capfriendly.com
        c. If a player is traded with retained salary in real life, the player retains his full cap hit in NHLDL at all times, unless said player is traded in NHLDL with salary retained.
        d. If a player retires while they are on a contract signed prior to July 15, 2019, then the owner can release the player with no cap penalty.
        e. If a player retires while on a NHLDL Free Agency contract or a NHLDL contract extension, then the owner can release the player, but they would have to pay 50% of the cap hit for every year left on the contract.

4. Scoring
        a. We will use a weekly roster lock with the following H2H categories:
                i. Skaters:
                        1. Goals
                        2. Assists
                        3. Points
                        4. Shots on Goal
                        5. Power Play Points
                        6. Hits
                        7. Blocks
                        8. PIMS
                        9. Rare Events (Hat Trick + Shutout + Gordie Howe Hat Trick)
                        10. Important Events (GWG + Short Handed Point + Shootout Goal)
                        11. Shorthanded Time on Ice
                        12. Faceoff Wins
                ii. Goalies:
                        1. GPt6 (2 points for any Win + 1 point for an Overtime or Shootout Loss)
                        2. Saves
                        3. Save Percentage
                        4. Goals Against Average
        b. Goalies will also accrue skater stats including Goals, Assists, Points, PPP, PIMS, and contribute Shutouts to the Rare Events category
        c. Each team will receive points in the standings for each Win, Loss, or Tie each week
                i. Win is worth 2 standings points
                ii. Tie is worth 1 standings point
                iii. Loss is worth 0 standings points
        d. Tie Breakers
                i. Regular Season Matchup Tiebreaker:
                        1. If in a regular season matchup each team has won the same amount of categories, the teams simply tie
                ii. Playoffs Matchup Tiebreakers:
                        1. Less GP - This includes skaters only
                                   a. It is actual games played, not potential GP that Fantrax shows
                                            i. If a roster player is injured/scratched Fantrax still counts their team's games in their GP count, we do not count those games.
                                            ii. Player must play at least 1 second in a game for it to count
                        2. Regular Season Team Points
                        3. Regular Season Wins
                        4. Regular Season H2H Record
                        5. Higher seed
                iii. Standings Tiebreakers are as follows
                        1. Most wins
                        2. Division wins
                        3. H2H record against team tied with
        e. Championship Week:
                i. The NHLDL Finals matchup will be 2 weeks long
                ii. Each team may submit roster changes at the midpoint, due in writing before Monday roster lock
                        1. Goalies may only be changed with proof of injury

5. Waivers
        a. There are two types of waivers in this league: Termination Waivers and Demotion Waivers.
        b. If a player does not meet the Waiver Exemption criteria detailed in section 6 below, he will be subject to waivers if his contracted is to be terminated or he is to be demoted to a team's minor system. 
        b. Players out of contract may be cut to free agency at anytime during the offseason
        c. Offseason ends officially at Roster Submission each year
        d. Roster Submission Deadline: September 30th, 2019 at Midnight EST
        e. You may send a player down to the minors but they must clear through waivers before you can send them down if they are not exempt
        f. All waived players must be on waivers for at least 24 hours, ending at 9pm EST 
        g. Player X is waived at 5pm on Monday. He is on waivers until 9pm Tuesday
        h. Player Y is waived at 11pm Monday. He is on waivers until 9pm Wednesday
        i. At the time of first roster lock, any player slotted in the minors who is not exempt and is not a UFA will automatically be sent to waivers and is eligible to be claimed
        j. Termination Waivers:
                i. If a team no longer wishes to own a player, that player can be placed on termination waivers.
               ii. If the player is either on their ELC, on a two-way NHL-given contract, or still has not signed their first contract, they can be placed on Termination Waivers for no cap penalty, if unclaimed. For any other contract, you will have to pay a penalty of 50% of such player's cap hit for each season that such player is signed. If a player is claimed, however, the waiving team shall be subject to no penalty, and the team who is awarded the player will have his full cap hit on their roster.  
        k. Demotion Waivers:
                i. Waiver eligible players demoted to the minors that clear waivers will have their cap hits stay on the books, less up to $1m.
                ii.If the player is claimed, the claiming team must assign him to their active roster. The claiming team will be responsible for the whole salary, and the waiving team will be cleared of all penalties. 

6. Waiver Exemptions:
        a. For a player to be Waiver Exempt he must be under the age of 26 on October 1 of the season and be under the career GP limits
        b. Career GP Limits For Skaters:
                i. Must have played 120 or less career regular season games to be exempt
        c. Career GP Limits For Goalies
                i. Must have played 30 or less career regular season games to be exempt
                ii. Goalie exempt status is done in real time
                iii. This means goalies can lose their exempt status mid-season
                iv. Goalies losing their exempt status mid week stay exempt for that week in progress but no longer are exempt after that current week.

7. Waiver Claims
        a. The initial waiver order is in reverse of the inaugural team draft. After the inaugural 2019/2020 season, the waiver wire will be the reverse of the previous season's standings.
        b. Each team may make one successful claim per 24 hours. 
                i. This will be judged by the time stamp of the post. 
        c. A claimed player must go to your active roster and is added to your cap so you must have room in order for a claim to be valid
        d. If you win a waiver claim, you move to the bottom of the waiver order
        e. The waiver order will reset after the Cup Finals complete to reverse regular season standings of the ending season
        f. There are no waivers in the offseason since roster requirements are not enforced
        g. If a player is won via a waiver claim, if they are waived again by the new team within 1 month of the claim time and date, the previous owning team may make a claim and send this player directly to the minors.
                i. Previous team gets top priority regardless of current order
                ii. Team moves to the bottom of the current order if they choose to use this
                iii. If the won player is waived and clears, or is traded, then this stipulation is void
        h. A GM may rescind a player off waivers if there are no bids on that player
                i. No time is accrued and player starts from scratch if they are waived again.
        i. A GM may make a waiver claim on their own player
                i. Current order is used
                ii. GM drops to the bottom of the waiver list if they win
                iii. Player must stay on roster or bench and may not go to the minors

8. Trading
        a. Trading is open at all times including the time period between the Trade Deadline and the conclusion of our Cup Finals, see rule below for special rule
        b. Trade Deadline for the 2019/2020 season is Sunday Feb 9th at midnight EST
                i. Date: Sunday Feb 9th at midnight EST
                ii. Deal must be posted no later than 11:59pm EST of Trade Deadline Date
                iii. Trades made between the trade deadline and the conclusion of the Cup Finals will not be processed until after the awarding of the NHLDL Stanley Cup
        c. Trade Posting
                i. One party must create a thread posting the trade
                ii. The second party must confirm the trade before anyone not involved in the deal may comment in the thread
                iii. If there are more than 2 parties in the trade, all parties must confirm before others may comment
                iv. Traded draft pick formatting:
                        1. Year Round (Team)
                                a. Ex: 2016 1st (TB), 2017 2nd (BOS), 2018 3rd (CAR), etc
        d. There is salary retention allowed in trading, to a maximum of 50% of the AAV of a contract. Each player may only be retained once. A player may only be retained if there is two or less years remaining on his contract. Retention must be applied to the life of the contract. There is a maximum of two retentions per team at any given moment.
        e. Draft picks may be traded up to 2 years in advance
                i. For the 2019/2020 that means you may trade 2020 and 2021 draft picks
                ii. Once our Entry Draft begins you may trade the next set of picks. You do not have to wait until the draft completes, they are allowed to be traded once the draft begins.
        f. No tradeback/rental trades will be allowed
        g. Any trades posted with assets a team does not own at the time of the trade are instantly invalid.
                i. It is recommended that teams try to rework these deals out of good faith.
                ii. If deals involve the rights to a player or any conditions they must be stated as such.
        h. The general rule for trades will be that all trades posted and confirmed will be allowed by the league. If a trade is particularly gruesome for a party, so much so that there is worry of another GM potentially having to take over that team at some point, the Rules Committee may ask for a deal to be reworked. This will be a rarely used power. We are all grownups. Let's act as such. 

9. Prospect Bidding
        a. During the offseason (after the NHLDL Cup Finals and before the Roster Submission Deadline), and only during the offseason, NHLDL Prospect Bidding will be available.
        b. At all other times, UFA bidding (detailed in section 10 below) will be in force. 
        c. If a player has just lost their draft eligibility status as of the most recent entry draft (for the 2019/2020 season, 1999 born players and non-North American players born in 1998), but is currently unowned in the NHLDL, they are eligible for Prospect Bidding. 
        d. When bidding on prospects, owners will be using Prospect Points instead of actual dollars. For the first offseason, teams will be given 50 prospect points to bid with.
        e. There is no rollover of Prospect Points. If you do not use your Prospect Points during the offseason, then you lose them. 
        f. Prospect Points cannot be traded. 
        g. Prospect Points for each team will be listed on the first post of the Prospect Bidding Forum. 
        h. You must outbid by a minimum of 1 points for the bid to be valid. A bid must stand for 24 hours before it is official.
        i. All bids must be whole integers.
        j. If you win a player through Prospect Points, they will be given their NHL contract. If they do not have a contract with an NHL team, they will have no salary, until signed in real life.
        k. NCAA players are not eligible for Prospect Bidding until they are either drafted or signed by an NHL team.
        l.  After a bid of 50 is placed on a prospect, all teams with available points have 24 hours to match the bid of 50. The prospect will be awarded to the team who is lowest on the waiver order and be placed at the end of the waiver list.

10. Contract Extensions
        a. If a player's contract expires as an RFA, the owning team will have the option to accept or decline the player's contract he receives in the NHL. 
        b. If the owning team accepts the contract, the player will have the same contract in the NHLDL as the NHL. 
        c. If the owning team declines the contract, the will be come a free agent and will be eligible for Free Agency.     
        RFA's Without a NHL Qualifying Offer
        a. If an NHL team does not qualifying an expiring RFA, for the purposes of the pool the player will remain subject to the RFA rules above and the owning team can accept or decline any new contract signed.
        b. If the player remains without a contract, he can be terminated without penalty following 5(j) above            
        a. Any player whose contract expires as a UFA at the end of the season must go to UFA and will be a free agent and eligible for Free Agency. For the 2019/2020 season, that means that any player whose contract expires at the end of the 2019/2020 season who is not given a Contract Extension prior to the Roster Submission Deadline will be a free agent at the end of the season and eligible for Free Agency.  
        Team Tag
        a. Each team will receive one (1) team tag per season. Only players eligible for Free Agency at seasons end are eligible to be tagged. 
        b. The player that a team tags must have been on that team's roster by the NHLDL Trade Deadline. 
        c. Tagged players will be in the Free Agency system separately from all other free agents, approximately one week ahead of general free agency.
        d. Normal bidding rules will apply as detailed below. 
        e. The tagging team will have 48 hours to make a decision to match or decline the highest bid. 
        f. If the tagging team matches the highest bid, they will retain the player at the matched contract with a 10% discount to the AAV.
        g. If the tagging team declines to match the highest bid, the player will go to the highest bidder at the highest bid contract. 
        h. If no bid is made on a tagged player during the team tagged free agency bidding period, that tagged player can be signed by the tagging team at whatever contract the tagging team desires. Standard contract free agency minimums and maximums will apply. 
        Contract Extension
        a. Teams may give one (1) contract extension to a player with at least one year remaining on their contract. If a player is a pending UFA, and is not extended by October 1st they will become a UFA on July 1st of the current year. The extension may add up to 3 years onto the contract, at an increase of 1.5x of the player's AAV. A player may never exceed 6 years in contract length.
        b. A player on their ELC cannot be extended. A player is considered on their ELC until their second contract is signed in real life. So, a player can be extended during/after his second contract in real life.
        c. Contract Extensions cannot be traded. 
        d. Contract Extensions will be based off of a player's AAV.
        e. A season's Contract Extension must be used prior to the roster lock every October 1st

11. Free Agency
        a. Free Agency contract offer rules are as follows:
                i. The minimum bid is $650,000 per year. 
                ii. For skaters 35 and older, you can offer a max contract of 3 years.
                iii.For skaters 34 and under, you may offer up to 6 years.
                iv. For goalies 35 and older, you can offer a max contract of 3 years.
                v. For goalies 34 and under, you may offer up to 8 years.
                vi. You must outbid another GM by a minimum of $25,000 in cumulative value. 
        b. Salary amounts will remain constant for all seasons of an offer. 
        c. Signed players will be placed on an NHLDL team's active roster if they are on an NHL team's active roster. You cannot win players in free agency and then bury them in the minors without them being subject to waivers. 
        d. Winning bids will be determined by the highest product of yearly salary multiplied by number of years. 
        e. If there are multiple bids on a player, any multi-year bid must have a minimum salary within 70% of the highest yearly salary offered on a player. This is to stop GMs from signing a player on an 8 year contract at a low salary, and having that product be higher than a shorter term higher salary offer.
        f. A free agency bid standing as the highest bid for a 24 hour bid will be declared the winning bid. Bids cannot be rescinded.
        g. A free agent that is signed and eligible to be placed and is placed  in a team's minor roster shall have no cap hit to that team's NHL roster. 
        h. If a free agent is won at a given AAV amount and 10% AAV discount applied by the accepted tagging team equates less than the league minimum salary of $650,000, the winning team shall keep the player at no less than league minimum contract amount of $650,000

        Free Agency Examples
        A. Team A bids 3 years x $5,000,000 on Jake Gardiner. The product of that bid is $15,000,000. If that is the highest yearly salary offered to Jake Gardiner, any other bid must have a minimum salary of $3,500,000. A bid of 5 years x $3,5000,000 would have a product of $17,500,000 and would be the new highest bid.
        B. Team B bids 3 years x $700,000 on Jason Spezza. Tagging GM matches the highest bid of $700,000 x 3 =  $2,100,000. After 10% discount applied, the tagging GM ends up with $1,890,000, or $630,000 AAV per year (less than league minimum AAV of $650,000). The tagging GM shall have Jason Spezza for no less than $650,000 x 3 = $1,950,000
12. Retirements
        a. If a player retires while they are on a contract signed prior to July 15, 2019, then the owner can release the player with no cap penalty.
        b. If the the player retires while on a NHLSD Free Agency contract or a NHLSD contract extension, then the owner can release the player, but they would have to pay 50% of the cap hit for every year left on the contract.

13. Games Played Requirements and Limits
        a. Each team must meet a yearly GP requirement for skaters and a yearly starts minimum for goalies
                i. GP are accrued during the NHLDL regular season only
        b. Skater minimum GP requirement for this season is 950 GP
                i. For every 10 GP short of the threshold, 5 standing points will be added to that teams total
        c. Teams that miss the skater GP threshold will also be barred from certain lottery wins, based on which tier they fall into using the following chart:
                i. 935-949 = Barred from winning #1. Drops to #2 with lottery win otherwise wherever they land, they stay.
                ii. 920-934 = Barred from #1 and #2. Would drop to at least #3 with any lottery drawing win.
                iii. 905-919 = Barred from any lottery position. Would drop to at least #4 with any lottery win and behind compliant teams with lottery drawing wins.
                iv. 890-904 = Same as previous tier but with an additional post lottery adjustment of dropping 3 spots.
                v. 889 or less = Same as previous tier but with a post lottery adjustment of dropping 6 spots. GM's status within league is up for review.
                vi. Note that teams that miss GP and are barred from certain lottery wins may not slide into those spots either
        d. New standings order due to GP adjustments goes for all picks for teams that miss, not just 1st round picks.
        f. Teams who miss the GP requirements and do not own their 1st round pick will be penalized on a case by case basis. 
        e. Each team is subject to a goalie GP limit, both minimum and maximum
                i. GP refers to games started at all times, a relief appearance does not count towards the limits
                ii. Goalie maximum weekly GP limit is 4 games started.
                        1. Once a team has its goalies accrue a total of 4 starts in a given matchup, the goalie who makes the 5th start is forcibly moved to the bench and their stats are thrown out for the week. It is highly recommended that you do not roster 2 starting NHL goaltenders at the risk of frequently losing goalie stats.
                                a. Ex: You start Bishop+MAF in a given week. The duo reaches 4 games started during a matchup by Thursday. Bishop then starts a game (5th start for the roster during the matchup) on Friday. He is forcibly moved to the bench and all his stats for the matchup are removed. If MAF makes 5 starts on his own during the matchup then he is moved to the bench as well at which point all goalie stats are removed for the matchup and the team loses all goalie categories.
                        2. A team may go over the weekly limit of 4 goalie starts if all starts are from players on the same NHL team. If a team starts goalies from more than 1 NHL team then the hard limit of 4 goalie starts in one week applies at all times.
                                a. No exception given if a goalie is traded mid-week
                        3. Weekly limit is double (8) during any matchups that span more than 1 week (7 days)
                iii. Goalie maximum regular season GP limit is 75 games started
                iv. Goalie playoff weekly GP limit is 4 GP
                        1. This number doubles to 8 starts during the 2 week championship matchup
                v. Goalie minimum season GP limit is 35 GP
                        1. For every 1 GP short of the threshold, 1 standing point will be added to that teams total
                        2. Teams that miss the goalie GP threshold will also be barred from certain lottery wins, based on which tier they fall into using the following chart:
                                a. 30-34 = Barred from winning #1. Drops to #2 with lottery win otherwise wherever they land, they stay.
                                b. 25-29 = Barred from #1 and #2. Would drop to at least #3 with any lottery drawing win.
                                c. 20-24 = Barred from any lottery position. Would drop to at least #4 with any lottery win and behind compliant teams with lottery drawing wins.
                                d. 10-19 = Same as previous tier but with an additional post lottery adjustment of dropping 3 spots.
                                e. 9 or less = Same as previous tier but with a post lottery adjustment of dropping 6 spots. GM's status within league is up for review.
                vi. In the event a team misses both skater and goalie GP the penalties will stack
                        1. For example if a team lands in the 1st tier for both skater and goalie GP misses, they will be assessed a penalty of the 2nd tier (1+1=2)
                        2. For example if a team lands in the 2nd tier for one and the 1st tier for the other, they will be assessed a penalty of the 3rd tier (2+1=3)

14. NHLDL Draft
        a. Each offseason the NHLDL Entry Draft will be completed before the actual NHL happens
                i. 2020 NHLDL Entry Draft date will begin on TBD
        b. Draft Order
                i. Draft order is based on the NHL formula
                        1. The 15 teams that missed the playoffs during the previous NHL season are awarded the first 15 picks. They draft in order of fewest points to most points, subject to the results of the draft lottery.
                        2. The current NHLDL Cup champion picks last (31st)
                        3. The NHLDL Cup runner-up picks 30th
                        4. The other two Conference Finalists pick 29th and 28th
                        5. Regular-season division winners hold the other lowest positions.
                        6. Remaining teams draft in order of fewest points to most points from the previous regular season.
        c. Draft Lottery
                i. We will mirror the actual NHL Draft Lottery results
                        1. Ex: If the team that finished in 28th place wins the lottery, our 28th place finisher wins, etc
        d. Draft Rules
                i. 12 hours available for each pick in rounds 1-3
                ii. 8 hours available for each pick in rounds 4-7
                iii. If you miss your selection it becomes pick at any time within the next 31 selections, after that the pick is gone.
                        1. If the latter occurs in the first 3 rounds GM receives a warning.
                iv. Selecting an already owned player results in a pre-warning, and your selection becomes pick at any time within the next 30 selections (after that the pick is gone), if that occurs twice in the first 3 rounds GM receives a warning.
        e. Players Eligibility Requirements
                i. All unowned players born between January 1, 2000 and September 15, 2002 are eligible for selection in the 2020 NHLDL Entry Draft
                ii. Additionally, un-drafted, non-North American players born in 1999 are eligible

15. Scheduling
        a. The NHLDL Regular Season is 21 Weeks long
                i. Note some Weeks might be longer than 7 days based on the NHL schedule and us condensing it into 25 total weeks including playoffs and our 2 week long championship matchup
        b. Each team will play 4 matchups per week, with a single week of only 2 matchups slotted in wherever the NHL schedule is lightest
        c. By the end of the regular season, each team will have completed 82 matchups
                i. Each team will play the same opponents as their NHL counterpart
                        1. Order will vary but it will be the identical 82 matchups
        d. Schedule will be made and posted before the season begins using the same formula the NHL uses
                i. Western Conference (Pacific Division)
                        1. Conference (Divisional): 4 games × 6 opponents + 5 games x 1 opponent = 29
                        2. Conference (Non-divisional): 3 games × 7 opponents = 21
                        3. Inter-conference: 2 games × 16 opponents = 32
                ii. Western Conference (Central Division)
                        1. Conference (Divisional): 5 games × 2 opponents + 4 games x 4 opponents = 26
                        2. Conference (Non-divisional): 3 games × 8 opponents = 24
                        3. Inter-conference: 2 games × 16 opponents = 32
                iii. Eastern Conference
                        1. Conference (Divisional): 4 games x 7 opponents = 28
                        2. Conference (Non-divisional): 3 games × 8 opponents = 24
                        3. Inter-conference: 2 games × 15 opponents = 30

16. Tanking
        a. Tanking is NOT PERMITTED
        b. All NHLDL GMs are expected to dress a full and optimal lineup. It is recognized that optimal is a subjective term and all allegations of tanking will be reviewed with the accused GM afforded the opportunity to explain why their roster is not being used to try and lower their place in the standings. Penalties will be determined on a case by case basis with repeat offenders receiving harsher punishment. Summary, meeting GP regulations is necessary but not sufficient, benching your goalies is not a realistic scenario and is not permitted in the NHLDL for tanking purposes.

17. Goalie Hoarding
        a. Goalie hoarding or holding hostage are practices that are detrimental to the league as a whole and as such will not be tolerated
        b. In extreme cases where 2 sides reach an impasse on a deal involving a goalie and one side thinks the other is being unrealistic and they have made fair offers then both sides submit proposed offers and demands to a newly appointed GAP (Goalie Arbitration Panel). The GAP takes a look at the discussions and determines which side is being unreasonable and gives feedback to both GMs. At this point each side submits their best offer and the panel selects one of those 2 offers as a binding and completed deal, assuming they deem it fair. If neither sides offer is deemed fair then the GAP may state as much and add a draft pick(s) to make it a fair offer. This is also binding.
        c. GAP consists of 3 GM’s
                i. Each year GM’s may volunteer to be on the GAP
                        1. If more than 3 GM’s volunteer, the RC will choose members taking into account first come first serve and good standing within the league.
                ii. Members cannot be on the GAP more than 2 years in a row
                iii. In the event a GAP member is part of an arbitration case, RC members may replace that person on the panel to handle their individual case.
        d. We hope that this is never used and is meant to be a last resort
        e. This cannot be used unless a team is truly hoarding goalies with no intention of using them.
                i. Just because someone has your current system backup and wants a higher price than you want to pay does not mean this can be enacted. Proof must be shown to the panel that a team is being unfairly harmed and has no other choices before the panel can agree to take on a case.

18. Ownership Changes
        a. If/when a new GM takes over a team, the buy-in for that season for that GM will only be $30.00
        b. If the team finished 27th-31st, the buy-in for that season will only be $20.00

19. Fantrax
        a. There is a yearly fee of $70 for Fantrax. Each GM is encouraged to contribute towards the total.
        b. Fantrax rosters are the responsibility of each GM. This includes sending trade offers after completing a deal, ensuring your roster matches your Spreadsheet, dropped players are cut off your roster, etc.

20. League Winnings
  • $750 - Stanley Cup Winner
  • $300 - Runner up playoffs
  • $400 - Regular season divisional winners ($100 each)
  • $55 - Presidents Trophy Winner
  • $15 for each of the following: 
  • Longest Winning Streak 
  • Owns skater with highest FT score 
  • Owns goalie with highest FT score 
  • Owns calder trophy winner 
  • Biggest Drop in draft lottery 
  • 9th place in each conference  
  • Biggest standings point improvement year over year (compared to NHL standings in Year 1)
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