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Dinelson Lamet 2021 Outlook

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Even with this positive early news, he's been a guy that people in my dynasty league have zero interest in giving anyone of value for...I will be stuck bagholding (or reaping the rewards), it looks like. In my other dynasty and keeper leagues, people appear to be tepid as well, much like the prevailing sentiment ITT.

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I realize most have already dug the grave, but he did start last night's game and hit 98 with the fastball. Also threw two sliders. Gave up a HR but got out of the inning in 12 pitches. I'm guessing he misses the first month of the season, but he does continue to trend well.

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9 minutes ago, Whitecloud0101 said:

1 inning


Considering most here had him on the operating table months ago, it is cool. They've been transparent about bringing him along slowly. Sure it could all still go belly up, but even 100 innings out of this guy will be very valuable.

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He's at 1 inning now, so likely still 2-3 weeks away from full strength. And they will never unleash him fully, so already looking at cap on innings in every start.

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got him as sp5 in 12 teamer worth the gamble at that point outside pick 150 could still offer sp2/1 upside for however long his arm holds up. no chance he should go around 100 where his rank is.

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