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12 team standard 9 cat.


I’ve been dealing with some injuries and want to buy low on Nurkic, but also add some depth to my team. 

was thinking of offering Gobert + Cousins/Duncan Robinson for Nurkic and MPJ. By doing this, I get rid of the bad FT% and get most of my big man stats back when Nurkic gets going, and I get scoring with good percentages. At full value, I know this likely doesn’t get accepted, but with Nurkic playing the way he does, I think I might have a shot. What do you guys think?

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27 minutes ago, squidthunder said:

I don't see the other owner accepting that , but worth a shot


32 minutes ago, runfast said:

IF you can do it then yes, take it and run lol. MPJ has too much hype to get traded though, I dont think that owner will accept...


Yeah, I don't think he accepts, but if it gets us talking, its worth it. Do you think adding White or Fultz instead of Robinson would get it done?

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