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Lost 2 weeks in a row. Is this team bad and needs fixing? Overall, I'm middle in the Ock on most categories. 

PG: LaMello

SG: Booker

SF: RoCo

PF: Oubre

C : Vuc

G: Trae Young

F: J Rich

Utl: Gobert

Utl: Jonas

Utl: D Mitchell

Bench: MPJ, Rozier, Boucher, Boogie, Markkanen

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I would embrace a punt FG% build, since your team looks to have strong potential in every cat except that one. Your team is kind of perfect for it because your blocks specialist doesn't have a high enough volume of FG to lose much value in that build (Gobert). If Boucher keeps going at a decent rate you have blocks locked down with him and gobert, you might want to look to be a bit more elite in steals and 3s. You have the makings of a great punt FG team though!


Help on mine?


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Hold.  Your team looks fine, though as previous poster said, your FG% sucks, given if you drafted Trae/JRich/RoCo/Melo/Markannen/Rozier, I would've expected you to actually punt that cat.

That being said, you're also getting extra FG% hits from Oubre, and quite a few of your players are either out/missed time (Markannen/MPJ/Boogie), or thrown up some serious duds (Boogie, JRich, RoCo, Oubre, Boucher, Melo).  Therefore, I can imagine that you were slaughtered or at least lost your last few matchups - not because your team intrinsically is awful, but because your players are underperforming.  As someone who is also losing badly in a few leagues, I can reassure you that it's okay.  Don't panic so early on, since we do have much more time and season left (though it's abbreviated of course).  

I'm personally not a fan of Boogie. If you want to punt FG%, I'd downgrade from Gobert to Myles, and JVal to Zingis (obviously not 1:1, but find a package that upgrades your bench).

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