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My Paul George for Jamal Murray + Gobert

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Only 8 team league with 11 cat ( DD-TD) 

This is my team:

Pg: Lillard - Holiday - Coby White

Sg: Shai - Paul George - Lonzo 

Sf: J. Grant - Keldon J. - Oubre Jr.

Pf: Wood - Lord - Nance Jr.  

C : Ayton - Capela - Holmes 

IL: Towns, Porter Junior 

Would you pull the trigger? May be force to add one between Holmes and Nance also. Not a big deal.

( Side note: Mitch Rob on the waiver. Keep Pg and add him? )

But mostly, will Pg cool off or maybe rest down the stretch? I see him on a mission but fearing some rest come playoff time.

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39 minutes ago, rotojoe said:

I wouldn't do it. Not in an 8 team league. The guy you would have to drop is a good player. 2 for 1's might be worth it in larger leagues, but not in 8 teamers where every player on your roster is good and the wire is stacked.


This right here.  In a 12-teamer, I'd be floating offers on PG just to sell high (I'm against him breaking out this year).  In an 8-team shallow league, you should probably hold onto the best player in the trade with a much deeper roster and wire.

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