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Selling Luka, what to target? WHIR

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Basketball 2021 - 10 Team H2H 9 Category Redraft

G : Luka Doncic, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, John Wall, Dillon Brooks, Donte DiVincenzo

F : OG Anunoby, Brandon Clarke, Bojan Bogdanovic, 

C : Deandre Ayton, Domantas Sabonis, Hassan Whiteside, Thomas Bryant, James Wiseman


I'm looking to sell Luka in exchange for depth, mostly to compensate taking Whiteside in the fifth. Would any of these packages make sense?

Package 1:

Luka, SGA for Tatum, Vooch, D Lo


Luka, SGA for Beal, Butler/FVV, Wood

Let me know what yall think. WHIR always with a link.

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I think either trade is fine, since you're getting studs back.

However, SGA and Luka really aren't playing at their peak; the latter has some consistency and load management issues now (he still can't make treys like last year, he looks winded every game, and his TOs aren't great), while the former just hasn't hit that next level like many of us were expecting as the Thunder's unquestioned #1 player.

Point being that if you're offering, expect counter-offers. You're buying some of those players at their buy-high points and selling your players at their low points.

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