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I got an offer last night;






Send off:


Christian Wood


Giannis is the best player but I’m having trouble letting go of Wood 😏

My team currently:

Simmons, DLo, Rozier, Lonzo, Quickley

Middleton, Beasley, Dort, George Hill

Josh Jackson

Christian Wood, Brandon Clarke

Jokic, Ayton, Thomas Bryant


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I think that's too much. you are basically giving 3 2nd rounders for Giannis and 2 guys you might drop. Well, I don't think you will drop Haliburton, but still...

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I'd probably veto this trade. This guy is trying to rip you off. Giannis is not the best player right now, Wood is. Horford and Haliburton are non factors here. Even if Woods current play is unsustainable he'll still provide at least 3rd round value. Ayton is in a bit of a trouble but he was a third rounder in his first two seasons, no reason why he won't repeat that. Simmons is alright. 
You might be losing this trade even if it was just Wood for Giannis, but I'd accept that
Giannis for Ayton and Wood would be an easy decline.
Giannis for Ayton, Wood and Simmons is a Veto.

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