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I have 8 keeper teams, with a 5 man minors, 8 team leagues 

We are doing a 3 round draft

We submit a list up to 24

I'm only listing maybe 11

I hate pitchers in my minors, as you can tell

Like my order?


Spencer Torkelson 1B

Austin Martin 3B

Zac Veen OF

Nick Gonzales 2B

Y Cespedes OF

Ha Shaun Kim SS SD

Garrett mitchell OF

Asa Lacey SP

Ed howard SS CHC

Christian hernandez  SS

wilman diaz SS

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Hard to say with only 40 minor leaguers on rosters. I probably wouldnt drop a current top-40 prospect for howard, cespedes, hernandez or diaz although all would be great to have, i guess...not sure of the league dynamics.

Im a low guy on Cespedes, i guess but id put Kjerstad, Crow-Armstrong, Wells and Meyer above him (as well as Kim, Lacy and Mitchell)

Seems like there would be a lot of minors guys better than about half this list available in FA pool, how are they handled...can you hold onto a Diaz or Hernandez for 3+ years?

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Keep in minors till they lose rookie eligibility.

Every team has 3 open spots.

You can only draft from FYPD and J2

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Splitting hairs, I personally would put Gonzales over Veen, as it seems Colorado always screws up their prospects and dont give them proper AB's to develop.  Rodgers, Hampson, Dahl, McMahon, etc.  List goes on and on.  Gonzales is one of the best pure hitters in the draft, probably highest floor of them all.  So my list would be:











Austin Hendrick

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There was a recent FYPD mock draft podcast over on the fantrax podcast network 

The results were (I may have spelled a name or two wrong)

Podcast FYPD draft:

1 Tork, 

2 Martin, 

3 Meyer, 

4 Veen, 

5 Gonzales, 

6 Hancock, 

7 Kjerstad, 

8 Mitchell, 

9 Lacy, 

10 Kim, 

11 Hendrick, 

12 Diaz,  

13 Hernandez, 

14 PCA, 

15 Crochet, 

16 Hassell, 

17 colmenarez, 

18 Abel, 

19 Wells ,

20 Howard, 

21 soderstrom, 

22 Miller, 

23 Leon, 

24 Greene, 

25 detmers, 

26 Sabato, 

27 Tucker, 

28 Cavalli, 

29 Pineda, 

30 Slade cecconi, 

31 Mayo, 

32 Jarvis, 

33 Manuel Beltre , 

34 Fischer, 

35 Burns, 

36 Nwogu, 

37 Vogel, 

38 bitsko

39 Yorke

40 Dingler


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