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I traded Ben Simmons, Jerami Grant and Marcus Smart for Steph Curry, Cam Reddish + $150 FAAB - Grade my trade - WHIR

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12 team H2H 9 Cat league. $1,000 FAAB.

I already dropped Cam Reddish for Rudy Gay and used the extra roster spot to pick up Kelly Olynyk.

My team:

PG: Stephen Curry
SG: Lonzo Ball
G: Dennis Schroder
SF: Bradley Beal
PF: Zion Williamson
F: Marvin Bagley
C: Deandre Ayton
C: Richaun Holmes
Util: Tyus Jones
Util: Rudy Gay
BN: Kelly Olynyk
BN: Derrick Rose
BN: Jaren Jackson Jr.
IR: Kristaps Porzingis

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C+ or B-.

Not a bad trade but I feel like your team worked better before. You aren't really gonna win 3pters with only steph and FTs are alright so he'll help you there but you won't dominate those categories with the trade either ways. Not bad though since you need an extra roster spot for porzingis coming back anyways so you consolidated and steph curry is the much better player. The best way to redeem this is to actively look for high upside guys on the WW like haliburton if still available. 


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I don't like it. You basically got 2 wire guys, already dropped them, and picked up 2 more you might end up dropping. you gave up 3 legit players- 2 of them might even be 2nd rounders in value. Grant's might finish top 30 and Simmons is flawed but can be great with the right build.


Sorry, man. Not feeling' it. If Olynyk really surprises and pans out, maybe it works in your favor. 



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You gave up too much volume for only one elite player. Yes steph is great, but olynyk and rudy gay are just streamers. You gave up 3 solid starters, albeit ones that have obvious flaws, for basicaly one starter. I would have looked to make sure you get a solid second piece next to steph. you are going to be hurting for points and boards, and even assists, after this trade.

Help on mine?


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