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12 team league, 10 cat (normal 9 plus 3pt%). Basically punt blocks (and TOs by default).


I get: Julius Randle and Tyler Herro

I give: Zion and Boogie cousins

Gain assists, 3pm and 3pt%, and it allows me to stop punting ft (cuz of zion).

Lose in steals (i'm strong there), fg% (pretty strong there), TOs and blocks (punting these). Rebounds and points about wash unless boogie starts playing more.


WHIR 100%

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Keep Zion. I just don't see Randle keeping up this level of production. Thibs now has his best buddy Gibson in NY so there's a chance he could cut into Randle's minutes

Help here?

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I'm blown away at some of the players who are breaking out that I (and rotoworld) just don't like. Dipo, Brog, Zion, CJM, Garland, and Randle ... geez.  Studs like Trae and Luka are really up and down ... It's been a weird year.

Anyway, I'm not high on Zion, but I wouldn't trade him for Randle.  The latter is an MIP candidate and he should maintain high production, but I can't see him lasting all season with the minutes Thibs is feeding him - Thibs will probably run him into the ground like D Rose.  That being said, I'm also not too positive on seeing Zion last an entire season healthy either, but I'd rather take Zion anyway.

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