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Huerter for Morris/Saric and Olynyk/Kleber (WHIR 100%)

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I recently received an offer for my Huerter in exchange for one of Marcus Morris or Saric and one of Olynyk or Kleber?


What do you think? Do I win of this trade as it is as a standalone?


Please post your thread below so I can help you as well.



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all of these guys are waiver material, but I think Huerter has the most upside and I would stick with him. If it's wrong and he fizzles, you didn't lose out on much by passing on those other guys.



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Deep league, huh?  Wouldn't want any of them on my 12-teamers really.

I like Olynyk, but we've seen him do this often for stretches.  Whether he stays hot or not is a huge question.  Maxi will probably cool off once KP returns, and though I'm not high on Huerter at all with so many mouths to feed for the Hawks (and them imploding with the Trae/Collins feud), I'd say he has the most value ROS.

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