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1-9-21 NFL Saturday Wild Card Games Thread

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Anybody have the line on the Bomont/Chippa matchup today?

1 hour ago, GottaGetTheWin said:

What happened to Wilson the back half of the year? Wow.  Dude was on FIRE to start the year.  

Remember when he was the MVP favorite and everyone else was more than 10-1 odds? Glad I didn’t bet the house on him. 

37 minutes ago, Gohawks said:

Akers a top 20 pick next year?

Very close. I’d probably take him before CEH, and right in front of Antonio Gibson. That’s of course assuming McVay has learned that this guy is a bell cow

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If this isnt somehow injury related, I simply don't understand what RoJo has to do to separate himself from Leonard Fournette, who may no longer be a Jaguar, but definitely is still a JAG. 

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Just now, FitzMagic said:

RoJo is hurt.

Yes you were timely with the report my guess is no one saw how that occurred. I sure as hell didn't. He hasn't touched the pigskin in this game. 

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Antonio Brown proves that as long as you don't fail a drug test or get convicted of killing a guy, if you got the skills someone will pay you to play ball in the NFL. People were leaving him for dead after last year. But here he is.. really getting back into the groove again. 

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Rules expert: "If a players knee is down, then he is down"

LOL...I'm being sarcastic, but the commentary from most of these "rules experts" are comical sometimes.

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Another angle here that maybe only a few think of.................Heinicke is basically playing for millions.  Not like, 20 million, but he's basically a guy that would've faded into maybe a practice squad gig next year at best, if Haskins didn't go out partying.   Now, he gets a chance, and he can secure himself an NFL career, even if its holding clipboards for 4 more years at the league min, that's probably 3 million at least vs his 5 figure practice squad paycheck.    Do it kid!  Make yourself famous!

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