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Looking for a head to head money league

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I have played in a 12 team head to head money for about 12 years that disbanded due to the pandemic.  Looking for something similar to join this season.  Not really interested in roto.  Let me know if you have any spots. 

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Well established 16 team Baseball Fantasy Keeper League has a team available when we begin our 10th season in early 2021.  Very stable/long term league. $110.00 annual fee. Trades flat $5, Waiver pickups $2, Pickups to replace player put on IL FREE if eligible at same position.

The league is called Can of Corn and is a CBS Commissioner League.  We include limited keepers as well as minor league development slots. (Details available in League Constitution, upon request)

All pay-ins / pay-outs are done through PayPal.  

The team available has quality keepers to choose from (Semien Rd18, Hiura Rd12, Kepler Rd9, Ryu Rd13, Taijuan Walker Rd13). Prospects that be kept for free include K Ruiz, B Dalbec, J Dominquez, D Varsho, L Campusano. The team also has 2 slots open to fill with your own prospects. The team picks #2 of 16 in all 25 rounds, and will be competitive with sound draft.

Email me at jimchait@gmail.com if interested.  I can add you as owner of the available team to look around within the league at history, detailed rules, etc to help you make your decision.


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Hey Mike!

Come join my league... 30 team Fantrax dynasty with an established commissioner. Fantrax Treasurer for Funds, GroupMe for league and community chat. No one/two years and done for this league. 2 spots left in this start up.

Deep MiLB with rules designed to enhance trading. We welcome and promote wheeling and dealing!
6x6 scoring
Keep your minor leaguers until you trade them or they retire. There is always someone willing to trade a vet for two or three lotto tickets.
$3000 annual purse ($100 to play) - If it's too much, find a friend and split it, the purse will still be a big enough reward.
Experienced Commish with many mature leagues with very few replacements needed over the years
If you are looking for a league which is there when you want it to be, sign up here.
Email me at asyndasand@gmail.com and I will send you the rules.

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