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What happened with the INJ in Yahoo? I have 8 GTD OUT

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TT and Robert Williams  7 days protocol with the INJ immediately but isn't the same with a lot of another players with the same 7 days protocol WHY?


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Depends on who.  If you're talking about Sixers' players, take it to that HC thread, because we're discussing it there and you can get your question answered.

Otherwise, I can't think of any player who has a O tag and is in a 7-day protocol.

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If a player actually has covid yahoo and giving them the injured tag straight away, otherwise if they are in the protocols (without confirmed covid) the hey’ll need to miss 7 days (3 games usually) to get injured tag, that’s my understanding anyway 

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You try and keep up with all this crap and determine who should get IL and who doesn't get IL....Changes every day.

Some guys 7 day protocol. Some 10 day quarantine. Some 14 day quarantine. Some test negative but sit next to positive and are GTD. Some sit for precautionary measures. Kylie disappears for days. Some games postponed and half the team quarantined. Some GTD and some IL. Why? Who cares because the game was cancelled.

Now. You try and determine who gets IL tag.....Just deal with it. Season will probably get suspended in a few weeks anyway.

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