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1/10/21 Sunday Wild Card Games Game Day Thread

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2 minutes ago, ajs723 said:

Pace, Nagy, and Trubisky all have to be gone next year, right? Right?!

My guess is 2022 when nagys contract is up. Wait for pace to grab a WR in the first then TE in the 2nd. 

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JuJu needs to stop running his mouth/dancing on logos It gives the other team that extra motivation. 

Steelers really started 11-0 and are the worst team in the playoffs. If the season started today these bums probably go 4-12.

Just now, Nap Time said:

Nope, he wasn't even close

Does it matter? It'll probably stand. The Bears aren't going 99.9 yards for a TD... and then scoring two more times, lol. 

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Just now, PizzaBeerFF said:

You answered your own question already. 🤪

Gotta readjust that pizza-to-beer ratio, my friend

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1 minute ago, PizzaBeerFF said:

Ok. I will now order more beer. Thanks for suggestion. 

Whatever I can do to help - it’s been a rough year for you guys.

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4 minutes ago, The G Man said:

That was one helluva catch by Grandpa Graham!

He just earned himself another one year deal somewhere lol.

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