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1/10/21 Sunday Wild Card Games Game Day Thread

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JuJu needs to stop running his mouth/dancing on logos It gives the other team that extra motivation. 

Steelers really started 11-0 and are the worst team in the playoffs. If the season started today these bums probably go 4-12.

Just now, Gohawks said:

That’s what Tomlin gets

That was one of the easiest no-brainer decisions to go for it that I’ve ever seen. He just cost his team whatever shot they did have. 

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Just now, Ryansm11 said:

Way to punt it you dumb ******** bitch. 

Felt the same way yesterday mate. Not going for it on 4th and short in the 4th down multiple scores is just dumb when you are around mid field. 

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Landry's still got it

Browns should just get rid of OBJ

offense moves much better without him

Baker is also playing lights out as well. No turnovers, hitting the open men. Good stuff

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