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Started Bench Chatter a Fantasy Bball podcast and want to spread the word

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So about a month ago me and my good friend from college decided to start a fantasy bball podcast and call it Bench Chatter. We’re both really passionate about the NBA and wanted to turn the hobby into something a little more serious. I’m really proud of the work we’ve done so far but wanted to spread the word. Here’s some of our notes from the week in case you’re busy and don’t have time to listen, but we’d really appreciate anyone who downloads or takes the time to listen!


* Pacers and the 76ers both play 5 games this week 
   * This makes picking up players from these two teams very valuable 
   * Guys to pick up from these teams
      * **Tyrese Maxey (will be huge)**
      * Danny green 
      * Isiah joe 
      * Dakota mathias
      * doug mcdermott 
      * holiday bros
   * 2 backs to back for the pacers 
   * All 5 pacers games on the road 
* Timberwolves only play 2 games 
   * not many streamers for that team for this week 
* Teams with back to backs and players that might miss games
   * Oladipo might miss 2 games this week 
   * Embiid and simmon might each miss 1 
   * Thunder have a b2b so maybe no al horford or George hill 
   * Lakers have b2b so maybe no bron or AD
   * Pistons have b2b so no blaker or d rose
   * Nets have b2b so maybe no kd or kyrie 
* Long term adds (Guys who deserve a roster spot for at least 2+ weeks)
   * Either Mo Vagner or Robin Lopez
      * whoever emerges as wizards starting center
   * Jermey Lamb
   * Cole Anthony
   * Delon Wright
   * Royce O'neal
* Short Term Pick ups (Guys to stream)
   * Willie Caulie Stein
   * Peyton Prichard
   * Daniel Theis
   * Tyrese Maxey
   * delon wright
   * mason plumlee 
   * Austin rivers
   * Miles bridges
   * Josh hart 
   * TJ mcconell 
   * Bismack Biyombo 
   * Derrick jones jr 
   * Dog mcdermott
   * Thaddeus young 
* Guys to drop 
   * players who are rostered on way too many teams, definitely deserved to be streamed but not held long term
   * Bobby p 
   * Patty mills 
   * Kevin huerter
   * Dillon brooks 
   * Enes kanter
   * Lou Williams 
   * Duncan robinson 
   * Hassan Whiteside
   * Boogie Cousins

Link to Apple podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bench-chatter/id1546750316#episodeGuid=11825ff3-af4d-12d5-cc8d-4b8701988986

Link to Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0tpKZpNoHlvAyx7xdnkHGa?si=kWtu4A_uQA27gfv2qcsn7Q

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