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$30 / $3000 Payout Super Bowl 55 Block Pool

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My 12th Annual Block Pool


$3000 Block Pool / $30 per block



There are three grids. Each grid is it’s own block pool. They will follow the same rules and payouts. There are only 38 squares left in grid one and blocks have been taken in the other two as well. Once they are all full, you won’t be able to get any more blocks. I won’t be opening up a fourth grid.


The full breakdown on the rules and payout structure is in the google doc. If you are interested, drop your email or message me and I will send you the google doc containing the invite link and my payment information.





Let me know if you have any questions.


- Jack

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I'm trying to figure out if this whole things was a hoax.  I won some money in two of the grids and "Jack" emailed me two weeks ago saying he was going to pay me.  No money yet and no more responses.  I'm a bit puzzled as if it was a hoax I would've expected him never to respond at all.  So I hope if Jack is real that he is okay and nothing bad happened to him.  However, if this was a hoax and Jack isn't Jack then I wish bad things to happen to him.  

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I'm still not sure about this guy.  I would say avoid playing in any contests that he runs.  He did reach out to me the day I made the post right above this.  He took the time to explain he was having all kinds of issues with paying the winners.  He also said he would make sure it was taken care of.  He has since stopped responding.  The Super Bowl was a month ago.  I think if he was honest he would've paid me by now.  I don't quite understand what the point is of taking the time to respond to me.  I guess there are just some sick people in the world that get their kicks in strange ways. 

If he does pay me I will post here to let you know.  If I don't you can assume PhillyFan22 or MrJneu22 is another scammer trying to steal your money.


**Update after posting this I see he did email me two hours ago.  Now he says he will pay half this Friday and the other half next week.  I'll post an update in a week and a half.

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I did get a partial payment and he has agreed to send me the rest later this week.  It looks like PhillyFan22 is an honest man who had some issues getting the monies that were collected turned around.  I know he said it was something new that one of the sites implemented and he ended up having to request a check to get the funds (which he apparently doesn't have yet so he agreed to pay me a partial out of his own pocket).  Thank you for restoring my faith mrjneu!  

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On 3/31/2021 at 11:23 AM, Sandusky Stinkypants said:

Just an FYI, I did receive my winnings in full.  He sent the remaining amount March 19th.  It took a little longer than I would've liked but PhillyFan22 is an honest man as far as I am concerned.

Unfortunately I am still waiting on the rest of my winnings from this contest. I had been corresponding with him via email in the weeks following the SB but he hasn't responded to any of my emails since early March. He did sent me a portion of the winnings in mid-April but nothing since. I have been patient and understanding because he explained the same thing to me as @Sandusky Stinkypants about the reason for the delay, and I have only been sending him 1 email a month because I don't want to be annoying. But on the other hand I find the lack of communication concerning. @PhillyFan22 First off I hope you're doing OK brother.  If you are, please find time to shoot me a DM or email me just so I can get an update directly from you. 

Just wanted to post this comment for anyone else who might be in the same boat I am.


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