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Keep Khrush Davis and Moose in a Dynasty?

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overall cap space is a little tight with both of them on the team but I can keep them. 

since they both have a high salary I can’t drop them during the season. We have guaranteed contracts and they would both be guaranteed. 

I worry they could bounce back but if they stink then it’s frustrating having them tie up a valuable bench spot (5). 

my gut says drop them but just wondering what you guys think. 


16 team Dynasty Roto 5x5

C- Pedro Severino 

1st - Voit 

2nd - Albies

SS - Story

3rd - Arenado 

OF - Merrifield , Benintendi , Dylan Moore 

U - Ozuna , Brandon Lowe

Bench - Khrush Davis , Moose , Ty France, Dahl, Campusano 

MINORS - Adell, Tapia, Buxton , Profar, Kieboom , Xavier Edwards , Lavigne , Orelvis Martinez 

SP- DeGrom, Buehler , Beiber , Sale , Major , CMart, Rodon , Musgrove 

RP - Presley , Hudson 


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depends on what you replace them with. Moose will play and hes somewhere in between 2019 and 2020. Davis has been bad for 2 years now...i suspect he will play given his salary bt they could just as easily waive him at some point if he continues to be a negative WAR player. So...keep Moose, drop[ Davis

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