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Deandre Jordan 2020-2021 Outlook

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Gutsy move bro. Balls of steel.

So basically better than Nurk right now

Just dropped Jokic for him     /s

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I dont understand the Nets small ball lineup issue when they practically played Jarret Allen 35minutes a night and he's not at all a floor spacer or shooting 3s. Or it might be that they are just auditioning him for the Rockets. If theyve gone with a Jarrett Allen at 5 I don't see why they wouldnt play DeAndre. But i might be wrong

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IMO DeAndre will be relegated to some rebounds. Harden is a pretty decent rebounder avg 5.1 this season and 6.6 the two years prior. Any FGA left behind by Allen will be sucked up by Harden. At least DeAndre's value will be better than prior to the trade as he will see more minutes on the court.

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Deandre Jordan will get the good ol’ Andrew Bogut treatment. Start the game, get his usual 15 minutes throughout the game, with the rest of the game at center it will be a combo of Durant and Jeff Green.

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