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Jae'sean Tate Outlook 2020-21

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Now add Wall, Oladipo and Gordon. Irrelevant.

aanddddd I broke him

/ Thread.

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6 hours ago, RipCity0 said:

Still they played Kenion Martin JR more than him. Not sure if Tucker leaving is enough.

Tucker is leaving for sure. Won’t be playing again for the Rickets.


KMJ probably played more as it was a blowout.

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Dropped Bertans for him. Good bet he'll finish over Bertans in 9cat ROS.

Also liking this random 3s explosion. Looks like the coaching staff is encouraging him to let it fly more.

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Their game is different in real life, but their 9 cat stats are really similar.

1st row is Tate in the past 2 months.

2nd row is OG Anunoby last season.

m/g p/g 3/g r/g a/g s/g b/g fg% fga/g ft% fta/g to/g
28.9 10.8 0.7 5.7 1.5 1.3 0.4 0.524 8.4 0.773 1.6 1.2
29.9 10.6 1.3 5.3 1.6 1.4 0.7 0.505 8.2 0.706 1.5 1.1


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24 minutes ago, rocky7st said:

Tate been starting at PF, Olynyk is a PF....

He's actually more of a center he just played PF on the heat because they didn't have many better options. Regardless, I don't think there is any chance he takes Tate's starting role because they are tanking and Olynyk will be gone after this season. He has zero effect on Tate.

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13 minutes ago, rabaak said:

I don't watch the Rockets. So Tate is a 6-4 PF?  CBS has him as a SG.

According to basketball reference:

Tate is playing 60% of his minutes at SF

and 30% at PF with only 9% at SG. 

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