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as is right now Boucher outranks Woods in standard nine cat. Should I do it? or will I regret this when boucher starts. I'm quite not sure if boucher is a sell high or he keeps going


this is for team 1 in my sig

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1st year fantasy player so keep that in mind.

Looking at the numbers I would say it's a sideways move. BUT, the hype IRL and in NBA fantasy says to me that Wood is better.
Maybe with Wood you get a better asset to trade somewhere down the road. The guy is gonna be heavily in the All-Star discussion and you can use it to your advantage. 

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Based on history, Boucher does not have a history of maintaining those stats on fire. However Wood does seem like he will get more minutes with Harden gone. Boucher may revisit the bench if the coach feels like it and Wood is considered a starter. I would go with Wood on this one.

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