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We are growing a  group at Discord for folks that would like to have a place  where we can recruit for and seek fantasy sports leagues at any site.
    All of these leagues must be free ones with no pay leagues allowed to be advertised or sought. This is strictly for those that play for fun and pride. Unreliable players will have to be removed.
    I want this to be a nice place to stop by and talk about fantasy sports and all sports for that matter . I want people to be respectful of one another or they will need to be removed, no politics whatsoever and nothing explicit. Leave that for someone else's group. Should be 21+
    We already have a Music Study  to post music videos or articles or funny videos(keep it clean) or play ASK THE DJ, and others of interest at the That’s Entertainment Channel. along with sports videos.
    This will be our sports cave and virtual pub and a place where if we get enough people, we won't need to be scrambling to find people for our leagues at so many different sites with so many restrictions.
   Think we can make this a fun thing(already is) and would like to get men and women from all over the world to join us, as we intend to grow this into a world wide group
UP TO 78 MEMBERS-- Going to be a channel for every sport, but—Don’t have to like  FANTASY SPORTS to join us!
If interested contact me at eddino55@yahoo.com

 or message me here

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