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1-17-21 Bucs @ Saints Divisional Round Thread

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11 hours ago, Ryansm11 said:

Tonight in 60 minutes, he was held catch less. 

Well, the SMB INT happened while Thomas was running an out to the flat, not a slant, and SMB was able to undercut it due to the blitz pressure Brees was facing from White.

He almost scored a TD on his first target early in the 1Q, but couldn’t quite touch both feet in.

The real question is: why are you only targeting your best WR, who is apparently now fully healthy, only four times in a must-win game against a highly suspect secondary?  And it seems clear that Brees just doesn’t have the juice anymore on his passes to keep playing at this point - no dishonor in hanging up the cleats at his age and after his tremendous career accomplishments.


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uhhhhh should we tell him?

I love you guys 

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