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Bills @ Chiefs AFC Championship game

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Next politics/covid post is going to draw me out of my semi retirement and result in a vacation that lasts through the Superbowl. Govern yourselves accordingly.   

Everyone point and laugh at the Titans fan


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10 hours ago, PisEdiRin said:

If Mahomes is in concussion protocol, is he allowed to play next week? 


What are the rules on that? Does anybody know?



Return-To-Participation Protocol

Every NFL player diagnosed with a concussion must follow a five-step process before being cleared to fully practice or participate in an NFL game. This process, developed from internationally accepted guidelines, ensures that each player receives consistent treatment.

Each player and each concussion is unique, and there is no set time-frame for return to participation. Team medical staff consider the player's current concussive injury, as well as past exposures and medical history, family history and future risk in managing a player's care.


After a player has progressed through the five-step process, and is cleared for full participation by his club physician, he must be seen and separately cleared by an Independent Neurological Consultant (INC), jointly approved by the NFL and NFLPA, who is not affiliated with any NFL club. Until cleared by this independent physician, a player may not return to contact practice or play in an NFL game.

In short: no. If he hasn't cleared step 5 (clearance), he can't play.

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Just curious. Mahomie has not been ruled out correct? 

Just basing on the early line when KC was leading Clev and Mahomie still in the game, the future line was KC -4 vs. Buffalo. The line dropped to -3 but that should still tell us a story and the story is that Vegas still think Mahomie will be under center this week. 

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I'm feeling confident Mahomes is going to pass protocol.  I'm not a medical expert and have no inside information, just a gut feeling that he will be out there playing.  Doesn't mean he won't get his bell rung again and end up right back where he is though.   He's apparently cleared "some big steps" but who knows.  

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17 hours ago, ginocan said:


Glazer basically is saying Mahomie will be playing. Should be a good game then. 

Choked out lmao... Dude went full on fencing posture that doesn't happen from being choked.



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good video. much better than a certain Twitter shill that gets parroted around here all the time

guy is spot on about the helmet to helmet replay ability too, make it happen NFL

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