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Grayson Allen 2020-2021 Outlook

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Anything to see here?

Last three games.




Made a huge clutch 3 late today vs Suns.

Seems to be getting more usage and 3 straight games over 25 minutes.


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The steals got my attention. He did play well in the bubble so mabye there is something to it. I dont like the guy much either but if he produces like this he has a spot on my bench. 

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Was recently dropped in my league, i'm definitely not a big fan of the guy irl but he was putting up solid numbers and one of the last few games he played, the coach opted to ride with him to close of the game instead of dillion brooks. i'm starting to wonder if thats a trend considering that dillion brooks has been putting up atrocious %'s from the field. 

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Anything to this guy? Been playing really well lately. 

Over his last 6 games: about 16/3/3 on 50/90 shooting, with Four 3s and a Stl on 30 mins a game.

I expect FG% to come down, and maybe Pts n 3s a bit too, but there could be solid fantasy relevance of hes getting close to 30 mins. Seems like he could be better version of guys like DuncanRob or JHarris

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