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Is Siakam my ticket to Sexland?

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So the owner of Garland and Sexton has an overloaded IL (also has Nurkic and Derrick White). He has a small ball style team so Siakam could be a good fit for him.

what about me giving him Siakam for Sexton? I could use a decent PG...

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Thanks for helping with mine. I think you could aim a little higher. Sexton is good but I'm not high on his assist numbers. Maybe a middle-tier Dejounte Murray/Brogdon type? FWIW, Siakam was taken in the 3rd round in my league so not sure how highly you value him.

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I have Siakam higher than Sexton. Siakam is playing the worst he can right now and still gets great assists from the PF spot. Sexton is still young and will likely go through struggles from a FG perspective and depending on how Cleveland plays with the rotation.

This is a sell low spot for Siakam for sure. I see his rebs/assists being around the same but in the low 20s point wise with better FG%. Try and get a better PG now or wait until Siakam is performing even better and sell him for more if you really want to get rid of Siakam.


Thanks your reply on mine. 

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Siakam at his floor right now and will only get better, Sexton only scores, if you pair him with someone else I might do it but Siakam will give you much better lines 



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Yeah you should either give something worse than siakam for sexton or you should ask for something more than sexton. if you want to post your team and maybe even theirs we could give u some alternatives 

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Would definitely keep siakam 


please help 

31 minutes ago, csklmf said:

12T 9cat h2h 

PG - Lowry, Cole Anthony, Milton, Payton

SG - Hayward, Smart

SF - Middleton, Danny Green 

PF - RoCo, bojan bogdanovic 

C - Vucevic, Sabonis 

IL - Irving 

Punt blk punt FG 

Feel like dropping Green or Cole Anthony or Payton. Which one? Thanks 


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