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18 Team. Auction League. 9CAT

My team build is built around FG%, PTS, REB, BLKs and TO

I have WCS and hes been serviceable in my build but i was wondering if ya'll think i should consider swapping him for Jarred? 

WCS has been starting and he's always been a high FG/REB with the potential to have stocks when given minutes and I was thinking maybe he continues in the 5 position in order to protect kristaps from banging down low. He also brings the mavs length with the WCS + Kristaps combo but i noticed that he might have a short leash minutes wise especially when he makes a mistake.  

Jarred looks like he could also be a FG/REB asset with the possibility of stocks (Per 36) but i don't know much more about the guy or Minnesota Wolves in general. Will he be starting at some point? The minutes are my main concern as it appeared hes been given minutes recently but i dont know how much of that is earned minutes or is it simply due to missing players on the wolves roster? 


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