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Dynasty introduction League (Free) 20 man league

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So I normally Run a couple Leagues on yahoo, I moved over to fantrax because it is better for dynasty and I'm starting to Dabble with that. I created a league with the scoring system from one of my previous leagues, but with 40 man rosters. I am creating this league as a free league for those interested in trying dynasty out with a first year draft. (Most will prefer this option instead of inheriting a league.)  It would be a fresh draft and am looking for competitive people who will be active during the season and during designated days (winter meetings...etc) This is a free league and meant to be an introduction to a dynasty league. Tons of people want to try dynasty out but don't want to spend the money on it if they don't like it. I just ask that if you join, you commit to a minimum of 3 years in the league, I am making the same commitment. I will be very active as the commissioner and willing to answer any questions you have. I have created a Slack as it is the most preferred way to communicate. Dynasty leagues last years and years, I hope to make some friends along the way.
it's 9 hitting and 9 pitching categories. Well rounded players are worth the most value (as it should be in real life) saves and holds are separate so you will need to draft closers and middle relief players. I am firm on the things listed above but other features of the league are negotiable. I am currently working on the Constitution (as some things are still up for debate) aiming for 20 managers. I'm trying to fill the league as early as possible so that we as a group can figure out the remaining details. (Majority Vote) 
AVG,OBP,R,RBI,1B,2B,3B,HR,SB -Hitting Categories     ERA,W,Whip, SV,HLD,K, K/9, BB/9, QS - Pitching Categories  
I have the feelings that there are plenty of people out there, just like me, who want to give dynasty a shot and I'm telling you, this is your league. I also ask those who have played dynasty to join if the categories interest you because you will get a vote on the other things to be decided, plus your experience will benefit the league. If you join, I do expect you to be commited once the league fills as we will need to vote on a couple things early on. After that it should be smooth sailing until draft day and your standard fantasy league after that. 
Talk to you guys soon - Dimmagio's Side Piece


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3SP 3RP 4P - 10 Pitchers -  C,1B,2B,3B,SS, CI, MI LF,CF,RF,OF,UT,UT 13 Hitters - 23 man Active Roster plus bench (# bench to be determined)  (I thought my Screenshots attached but file to large... was trying to avoid having to type that. )

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2 minutes ago, DimaggiosSidePiece said:

Majority of the vote is looking like slow draft meaning 12 hours between picks... you can swing that right?

Yeah. Am used to that setup, and usually leave a list with a GM overnight so I don't hold things up once the first few rounds are over.

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15 minutes ago, dmend19 said:

Hey I'd be interested in this. email is dmend19@gmail.com let me know if you have any sports left. thanks!

Looks like you are taking up the last spot I have available... 5 people have yet to accept the invitation. I am resending emails to let them know I have filled the League and that It's time to get this going.

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sorry man, I didn't do that to insult you. The vote came out and you asked to leave because you didn't like the result of the vote. I respect that you told me in advance. but I want to keep the slack members only. I should have given you some time to say good bye to the guys in the slack but I'm just concentrating on alot of different things. I also have to go get tested today for Covid because I think I have it and may have acted without thinking when you asked to be removed. my bad man. best of luck. 

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