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Kyrie Irving & Richaun Holmes for Kristaps Porzingis & Shai Gilgeous Alexander? WHIR

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It's really close for me, but I'd go with the KP+SGA side.  

Even as a Mavs fan, I'm not crazy about KP nor his ability to stay healthy, but he can produce as long as he's on the floor.  Kyrie's a headache and I don't think I've ever owned him (fortunately).  I've certainly played against him when he's gone off, but it's also fun to see him on an opponent's roster when he's moping around.  I don't believe he'll be as negatively affected by Harden as most would believe, but that's not enough reason for me to hold.

SGA ... Eh, he's okay.  Always seems to have those weird games where he does nothing but score, miss FTs, and turn over the ball without providing any assists, but maybe I'm nitpicking.  I don't think he'll reach his ADP, but if you want a solid player, SGA will be fine.  I absolutely love Holmes, but his injury risk scares me a bit.  Luke loves him so if he's on the floor, he'll produce.  I pity Whiteside owners.

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KP and SGA side...although I love Rich Holmes, Kyrie is a liability...yes KP is too but Kyrie could miss games for a multitude of reasons where KP is usually solely an injury risk. SGA seems to be the most solid fantasy asset of the bunch as well...

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