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Siakam for Sexton: after last night- are we rethinking this deal? (WHIR)

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I asked a while back about offering Siakam for Sexton, since I am weak at PG. Everyone here said don't do it. Do we still feel that way? Sexton went nuts last night, and Siakam, well, didn't.


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Definitely dont do Russel.

I'd say that on current form, Siakam & Sexton are similar value-wise. That said, Id wait for a bit until Siakam blows up and seek better trade.

However, if u are desperate and looking for a consistent guard outputs, go for Sexton

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Would still rather have Siakim.  

Also, even though Sexton balled out like crazy, it was painful to watch him play during that 2OT game.  He barely even passed (what else is new), and many of those shots were the result of having that stellar Harden/Kyrie defense on him.  I'd rather see how Garland returning affects him and if they can recapture that early season magic first.

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