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Prospects in keeper league WHIR

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FYPD coming up soon and we can keep 6 prospects. Due to the shortened year we decided that prospects wouldn't lose eligibility last year so I was able to keep Sanchez/Anderson as prospects which is a nice bonus going into the year. I have the 2nd overall pick and can't decide which hitting prospect if any to drop for a shot at the latest crop of top prospects.Thanks for any and all replies.

My 6 prospects currently are:

Kristian Robinson

Jeter Downs

Noelvi Marte

Brennen Davis

Ian Anderson

Sixto Sanchez

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Drop jeter easy

Robinson marte Anderson your  top 3



You certainly can make the case for veen or Gonzales at 2

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anderson and sanchez didnt lose rookie eligibilty in any format, i dont think...can you just promote one of them and make a pick without dropping anyone?

jeter downs is likely to be a more valuable player than noelvi marte and sooner, i suspect you could get more in trade for marte but he has never played a game over here and is years away, so you would hold him as one of your 6 for a long time. dropping downs for a shot at martin is okay (i made this trade recently) but isnt a slam dunk. i guess hes your lowest ranked prospect so makes some sense, but I might be inclined to drop Marte :eek:

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Granted Marte has risk with his age, but he will be top 10 in time imo.

Jeter has the lowest upside.

Probably a 15 15 guy

Maybe a tad more 

But Marte could have Robinson, Luciano upside.

I prefer upside myself

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